To all Newbies or Recent Newbies - in your WA work don't hesitate to ask if you need to!

Last Update: July 15, 2012
We often think we can just muddle through when we come up against problems and the proverbial brick walls as we work through our WA courses in building an on line business, don't we?

It can be anything from writers block to frustration because we don't understand something we have to do. Or we have an idea for something new and can't seem to see how to do it.
Sometimes we get very engrossed in what we are doing and often don't think outside the box.

It can have results which are very negative. I had a bad week last week where I got very little done. This week has been brilliant and I have made real progress.

The difference - I asked questions.

It doesn't have to be a question to someone in WA particularly, although it can be, but also it can be a google type question in WA.

Where did this all begin for me?

Well, I had built my web site but wasn't happy with the outcome. To be fair it looked like a corporate manual in appearance, and as I have a long corporate background you can see why I immediately recognised this had to change.

So I spent ages last week looking at other sites, wondering what to do and making absolutely no progress in resolving the issues I had perceived. I allowed myself to get distracted on to other things which definitely didn't help the situation, but of course this is what we do isn't it? We avoid issues by doing something else?

Then the proverbial penny dropped and I realised I needed to add images, change the text, change the home page to be more inviting, and add a sqeeze page. So I wrote a list of action points out which started to make me feel better. Trouble was I didn't really know much about any of these things as I am not the most computer literate person in the world for sure.

So at this stage it is very easy to wallow in negativity isn't it? I can't do this because...., and if you are not carefull within a few minutes or hours you are into doubting why you are doing this whole thing called WA etc.

Whoah!! Stop right there!

Simple answer - ask someone in WA or do an enquiry within WA.

As we all know there is a query box at the top of our dashboards and you can (surprisingly) ask a query in this box. So off I went and found the training for adding images to my pages - so simple, I just typed in "adding images", used the "training" from the drop down box and up it came. Great training which solved this part of my problem.

Then I needed to add some images to the sidebar and again found the training for this.

Then I needed to find the banners for WA to add on to my site; asked a question of Leo Emery (thanks Leo), and within an hour got the answer.

I asked Shawn Martin about the wordpress background possibilities and again within no time got an answer (thanks Shawn).

You know what - in no time at all I was feeling so much better about the whole thing, I was feeling really happy and positive. I haven't finished everything yet but at least now I have the knowledge to do it, and really important to note are two things:

1. I am back in the "I can" mode and

2. I know if I have any further issues I can ask in the WA community and get answers - fast.

It may seem trivial or a non issue to some of you but I would like to bet that there also some of you out there who may be despairing about how to do things, and thinking of giving up. You may not have thought about asking in WA or may I hesitate to say you may feel too nervous (or shy) to ask.

If you are in this situation please don't hesitate to use the facilities I have outlined above.

If after this you still need help ask me or anyone within WA.

Remember we have all been there, got the T shirt and moved on. Glad to help you do the same.

You will feel great when it all works out.

Good luck, and have a great day,

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RogerHumbke Premium
It was great to find your site through "Phaeton". I started with your blog "To all Newbies or Recent Newbies" and will be reading them all.
dreadless19 Premium
Hi Hudson

thanks for reassuring blog.....WA is certainly a very friendly and supportive community for newbies like myself...thanks again
Naiht Premium
@Tj Books You should be patient to wait my country going bankrupt, it's only a matter of weeks, maybe months, then prices will plummet and it will be very convenient!!!
Naiht Premium
I posted just yesterday asking for critique and advices about my niche site, but haven't got any reply yet
TJ Books Premium
I went to your site and added my two bits. Would love to visit your country one more time before I die. John
Shawn Martin Premium
We get lonely in the chat room.... :)
Hudson Premium
Shawn , Hi, very good point - should have included that avenue as a away of resolving problems as well. Also I need to try the chat room myself as I have not done so yet. Thanks again and have a great day,
Shawn Martin Premium
It is a essential tool to use!