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Last Update: April 26, 2016

Hi, guys and gals,

It has been quite some time since I have posted here at WA but that is for good reason...

I have been B-U-S-Y!

And I have been busy in a great way!

You see, if it weren't for the fact that I had found WA nearly two years ago, I wouldn't be currently running my own successful business online.

I am forever grateful for that and only bring it up for encouragement because whether you are just getting started or still looking to attain that success, you are absolutely in the right place!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to give what I feel is an important piece of advice for ANY and EVERYONE.

What is the advice?

Regardless of your niche, make sure that you are ultimately speaking about and recommending something that you have some type of experience using and/or doing.

Hopefully, when you selected your niche, you either chose something that you are already knowledgeable and/or passionate about OR chose something that you had a great enough interest in that you were more than willing to put in the time, work, and research into learning as much about it to essentially become an "expert" in it.

However, it is difficult to truly recommend something to somebody in my opinion, that you have no experience using or engaging with in one way or another.

In most cases, it will come across in your writing, too. People want to read and take the recommendation of genuine people.

Therefore, if you are promoting things in the "make money online" niche, don't be afraid to even temporarily sign up, purchase, and/or use the program in one way or another to give a real first-hand experience to your readers to let them in on what it is all about. People can tell when it is more of a "copy/paste" of every other regurgitated opinion online.

For example:

If you are promoting supplements, don't be afraid to give them a try, put them through a real test and take notes about it before sharing your experiences.


I realize that some of you may be thinking that "this can get expensive."

However, there are a couple ways around this.

First and foremost, don't forget that it only takes 1-2 product reviews, even if negative and pointing toward your number one recommendation like WA, to make a sale.

I generated enough money to cover my membership for WA, Jaaxy, and then some on just my second overall product review. My site was literally THREE blog posts large!

And guess what?

I tested the product I reviewed and I didn't pay a dollar for it!

Yes, you read that right.


Keep in mind that you are ultimately a potential salesperson for many of the products that you may be recommending. Therefore, again, don't be afraid to reach out to the company that creates those products directly and let them know your intentions. Ask them if they would be willing to send you the product or some type of trial.

For example:

Let's say that you want to write a review about a weight-loss supplement. Perhaps, the company of the product you want to review is fairly new or still relatively small. The same way they are dying to get some great affiliates out there to produce high-quality content to write about their products is the same way they may eager in many cases to find someone who is also so eager to review it that they want to test those products and give a real first-hand review about their true experience using it. Make your case to them! What do you have to lose! NOTHING!

You will be surprised how many companies will be willing to send free samples or even entire free products of whatever they are offering to someone who is offering to write a comprehensive review about that product in return. Ultimately, it will be benefiting them and if they are so confident in their product, they won't be concerned about a negative review.

These days, I run multiple websites and a separate professional service business online.

However, I can't tell you how often I now receive e-mails from different companies reaching out to me that are asking if I would be willing to test and review their products.

Sometimes, I have to turn them down. If I really don't believe the product has any chance at being valuable to my readers or I am simply too busy, I may turn it down. However, in many cases, I am all for it and I develop an excellent relationship with those companies. I still have wonderful relationships DIRECTLY with many of the companies whose products I have reviewed.

Networking is extremely important! I truly cannot stress this strongly enough!

You better believe that those positive relationships have turned into more positive opportunities. It has not only resulted in higher commission rates but also, exclusive discounts for my readers and even exclusive opportunities to test and review their new products down the road.

So, ask yourself what your niche is and how you may be able to use the power of networking to get true experience with the products you may be interested in reviewing.


Let's say you are promoting something much larger or that is virtually impossible to "sample." Something like Washer and Dryers...

In that case, make sure that you go out of your way to not only research the information about those products but also research the reviews about those products.

Make sure that you stem your research of those reviews beyond Amazon. Sure, Amazon will provide some great insight, but you can help differentiate your reviews and provide different views to your readers by looking up customer reactions from a variety of websites and vendors that may carry those items.

At the end of the day, don't be afraid to THINK OUTSIDE-THE-BOX! Think about how you can TRULY provide VALUE to your readers and connect with them on a personal level.

Your readers will appreciate it and at the end of the day, the money will follow.


Because you will be earning the trust, respect, and authority that the average consumer is seeking.

As you continue to create unique, high-quality content that your readers are engaging with and clicking through to read, the search engine rankings will naturally follow. As the traffic increases, so will the engagement, and so will the sales!

Anyway, I could continue to go on and on much longer than I already have but I hope that some of this advice help spark a few ideas, inspire some people, and motivate you to take action, especially if you ever get discouraged.


It takes more than simply writing information about a topic and sprinkling random product links or banner links saying "I would recommend blah blah." People can tell a genuine review and like hearing from real people. They can also tell when someone is just planting a product link because they are trying to earn a buck.

However, especially if you are just getting started, don't get too hung up on perfection either!

TRUST ME! Your early blogs are not that good! My first 5-10 pretty much sucked!

But guess what!?

They are never truly dead! At least, they don't have to be!

I literally revived two of my earliest posts from nearly two years ago last week. They generated hundreds of social shares and thousands of new visitors.

I was able to take all of the continued education and knowledge that I gained from two years ago to today and was able to go back, clean it up, re-optimize and essentially, bring old content back to life!

It was almost like creating a brand new piece of content! Plus, it is really fun to see how far you have come as you correct your mistakes and make it so much better! Therefore, take ACTION!

Don't get too caught up in particulars and as much as we all LOVE WA, make sure you are still spending more time on your websites and your business than chatting on here. Use this as a learning resource and as a place to take a break but never forget why you came here in the first place!

The bottom line:

You can and you WILL succeed if you want it!

It is more than possible!

I am NOT "special" in the least. I simply followed the blueprint in front of me, took action, and continued, as I still learn and apply each and every day.

I hope this helps some of you. All the best and much success to everyone!



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hmasters Premium
Great post and suggestions. Thank you
HowardJaros Premium
Awesome post, Howard! You are spot on!!
HoJo007 Premium
Thanks, man! All the best!
WillingToTry Premium
Excellent advice Howie, right on the button!

I resonate deeply with your main precept that one should have experience in a particular product before recommending it!
It also follows that when you are truly passionate about the product you will go out of your way to research all the information and reviews about it.

Kind regards,
nathanpall99 Premium
Couldn't agree more. Actually testing the products for yourself is huge. I didn't do this to start with but my reviews felt a lot more genuine once I actually tested them for myself.

In my experience - with both physical and digital products most companies are willing to give (or lend in some cases) you their products to test and review. Like you say some will say no but more and more will say yes as your site gains authority.

I haven't yet reached the point of companies approaching me - but certainly as my sites grew virtually all requests for free products were granted. And anything that hasn't been they have just ignored the request - rather than outright saying no.
HoJo007 Premium
Just to add to this a little bit. I have NEVER paid for ONE product that I have tested and reviewed. I have tested and reviewed TONS of products and every single one of them were from companies that sent me their products for FREE when I asked to review. Some of them even turned me down at first but as my site gained traction and became more popular, later down the road, they were actually contacting me asking if I would test and review it for free. Funny, they forgot turning me down earlier but no hard feelings. It felt great. Therefore, don't get discouraged if one or two turn you down. I assure you that there are plenty who won't and will let you get a taste of what they are offering considering that you are essentially asking if you can have an opportunity to sell it for them and make them money too! All the best!