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The Importance of Networking in Your NicheThe importance of networking while building a niche website is often understated. Communicating with companies in your niche can create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.You may be wondering:Who should I be communicating with in my niche?What are the benefits of networking when building a niche website?Network with ManufacturersReach out to the companies behind the products that you are promoting. It can open the door to a variety of opportun
Hey, All!It has been quite a while since I have posted on here or really spent much time in the WA community because I have been so busy working. However, I plan on changing that to come back and give back to the WA community the way it has done for me so many times in the past. This is one of those times:BRING OLD CONTENT BACK TO LIFEFor those of you who have your websites up and running and have developed some content for your audience over time, you may want to spend some time going back and
Hi, guys and gals,It has been quite some time since I have posted here at WA but that is for good reason...I have been B-U-S-Y! And I have been busy in a great way!You see, if it weren't for the fact that I had found WA nearly two years ago, I wouldn't be currently running my own successful business online. I am forever grateful for that and only bring it up for encouragement because whether you are just getting started or still looking to attain that success, you are absolutely in the right pl
Hi all,First, a little about the taste of success:It has been a little while since I have posted. I have been INSANELY busy in a great way running my business, growing and learning more every day. I never stop learning and neither should you. There is always more you can know, more you can do, and more you can achieve and I have experienced that first hand, thanks to WA! I couldn't have dreamed of the success I've hit already, but goals are set for even bigger and better for things moving forwa
Dear WA Family:Some of you may remember a couple weeks ago when I had asked for your help to vote and comment on some designs for images that a client of mine was going to use for a new t-shirt design. Well, your awesome comments allowed me to go back to the client to make some suggestions and we then went back to the designers, who made some changes. Now, we are down to the FINAL 8 designs and ONE last time I would beyond appreciate your help in taking ONE minute or less to vote and if you woul
ATTENTION ALL Friends:PLEASE Take 30 SECONDS to VOTE! This is an update to a previous post that i made because the client changed their mind and eliminated and added some different designs. If you already voted on the last one, it is still absolutely being counted and appreciated. However, please take a look at the new link below to vote on a design.I would GREATLY appreciate your honest opinion for a design that I will be helping to market online for a client of mine. The client's concept is fo
ATTENTION ALL WA Friends:I would GREATLY appreciate your honest opinion for a design that I will be helping to market online for a client of mine. The client's concept is for a t-shirt design that may eventually be marketed on other items, as well.The concept is for a humorous slogan that they have trademarked and copyrighted that says, "I've Got ish" and will be marketed individually towards each culture or nationality, accordingly. They also own "Got ish?" and "Kiss me, I've Got ish." Having "
Just One Month after losing my Brother-in-Law to Brain Cancer, Tragedy has found me again. How do I get away from this Dark Cloud? I feel Paralyzed... Saturday was one of the most difficult days of my life. God, I'm getting tired of having to say that... Vinny was not just, "man's best friend," he was MY Best Friend. On more than one occasion he was also, my Only friend... He was the kind of friend that was not only, always there for me, but who could make even the worst of times, a little bit
Something Every WA Member Can Use for FREE! I realize that some of you may already know about an awesome Free online tool called, Peek User Testing. No worries, it is not an affiliate link, but a great tool that I wanted to mention, as I continue to see a lot of new faces here at Wealthy Affiliate. Personally, I believe it is something that every single person here, regardless of their experience level, should be utilizing. For those that have been around and have not heard about this unique se
No Brainer, I HAD to go Yearly and man, it feels good... I just went yearly on this INSANELY awesome Black Friday deal. My price was prorated even lower, since I'm in billing cycle, which I thought was fair. I am totally stoked, already come further than I can imagine, already have seen more success, more quickly than I could have imagined and the sky is truly the limit. Time now to kick off my shoes and get nice and cozy. I'll be upgrading computer systems next week and getting ready to tak