SALES! - 3 Steps Formula to sell anything.

Last Update: March 10, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Today am gonna be talking about the way to sell something in a proper way. First of all, always remember sales is a rejection job. According to a survey, our websites face many 'NO' to get one 'YES'. SALES is a crucial part for any website or industry. We spend money in creating foundation of our websites and finally get relieved after seeing a sale.

3 Steps :-

  1. Consider yourself a Consultant NOT a Seller.

If you focus only on selling then, my friend, maybe you will fail. Be a consultant and make your customer realise that he/she need that product.

Let me explain you by an example... Say, a man is suffering from stomach ache. He go to a doctor and doctor says, "Lay on bed, we need to tear your stomach and do the operation". What will be the reaction of that man? Ofcourse, he will run away. But will it ever happen? ... NO. Doctor always ask you many questions regarding the history of disease. He follow these steps... EXAMINATION > DIAGNOSE > TREATMENT.

Almost same mistake many people are doing. They write selling part so nicely and forget to make out that they should first connect with the customer ( or reader).

2. Focus more on Relationship not Sales

This step is crucial. Whenever you write a blog, always make sure to ask questions there because when you ask questions you actually connect with the reader. Reader will take more interest when he/she will feel connected to your post. Make them feel that they can rely on you, they are safe with you. ASK QUESTIONS!!

3. Become a Connector

Learn to connect with the customer. There is always a gap between the need of customer and your product. Make yourself good with words and fill that gap. Be good with words to make your customer feel that THIS is that product he/she looking for. Notice how Kyle write, he always write in our informal language which make us feel connected and convincing.

That's all I want to say in this blog. I hope it is helpful enough. Please feel free to leave a comment and show your love :)))


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edensbox Premium
I really like this post. Thank you for the wonderful information you have shared. I had never looked at it this way before,but you are right.Concentrating on your customer and their needs is the most important thing. Building a trusting relationship with your customer will not only get them to come back to your site, but hopefully they bring friends with them :)
skendrick4 Premium
Awesome advice! Thanks.
MarkBa Premium
Great advice. -Mark
Vesna2 Premium
Great advice! Thank you for sharing:)
MBentz3 Premium
The 3 steps are very good points to follow thank you.