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Hello Everyone :)I joined WA on 7 Feb 2018, I got happy when i saw a warm welcome here. It was a secure feeling that I have helping hands here. I really loved that. Whenever i had doubts, some people even PM me and personally solved my problems. I've never seen any such platform where everyone growing as a big team helping each other at every step. I want to thank each and everyone of you who helped me here. 2 months journey at WA was indeed amazing. I love how people help each other and get ha
Hello Everyone,Today am gonna be talking about the way to sell something in a proper way. First of all, always remember sales is a rejection job. According to a survey, our websites face many 'NO' to get one 'YES'. SALES is a crucial part for any website or industry. We spend money in creating foundation of our websites and finally get relieved after seeing a sale. 3 Steps :-Consider yourself a Consultant NOT a Seller. If you focus only on selling then, my friend, maybe you will fail. Be
March 08, 2018
Hello Everyone,Today am very happy to share my small achievement here at Wealthy Affiliate.I have received 2nd Certification Badge. More than a badge, I learned a lot about Internet marketing. Though it took me a month to reach here but it worth :))Looking forward to Ambassadorship. Thank you.
Hello everyone,Today it's March.7.2018 and I have proudly completed my first month at Wealthy Affiliate and also I completed my 2nd Course of Certification. Though am happy that I completed my 2nd course but am kinda disappointed that I finished it slower as I could have done it earlier. Am glad am realising my mistake of being slow. Now am gonna head towards Ambassadorship as fast possible for me. I have full support of Wealthy Affiliate Community which make me keep going and i feel myself luc