Watch out! Brain dump number 2 en route

Last Update: May 23, 2018

It’s official, I am so Re-energised that I now have more energy than my poor tired old phone—- it now needs two battery snooze charges a day, compared to my one!

Delighted to share with you all, that I’m now ranked in the top 100,000, seriously I feel like I’m on a rocket ship to the stars, on my way to a meet and greet with the shiniest stars, I’ve only got to pass another 94,000 or so stars on the way! I don’t know why you’re laughing @skandy85, I’m only 94,??? stars behind you, you know! (Thankyou for pointing me in the right direction, dude)

My first full day as a premium member was a busy one, so here it is by numbers (approximately!):

40,000 ranking places climbed

600 extra shining stars that I’m now following

100 extra supernovas now following me!

7 hours of fun filled ‘work’ on WA ....yay

4.5 hours of real work .... boo

2 bleeding eyes, hehe

1 tired but ultimately satisfied WA member

I’ve even thrown down the gauntlet to another newbie @flover06 (in a very off the cuff {excuse the gag} and kinda fun way) to see who can climb the ranking ladder the fastest, my guesstimation going by my first 4 days means I should be approaching the top sometime next week!! .... if only, haha

Right, I must return to some training, excuse me for my ramblings. I know I’m not doing things correctly yet, but it’s liberating getting one’s thoughts down in black and white, rather than them floating off to never resurface again, such is the state of my memory.

Thankyou for reading, I’m currently listening to Coldplay’s ‘a sky full of stars’ .... how appropriate is that?!


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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Welcome David!!!

Tried and True

Heyday Premium
Thankyou Elaine, I’m looking forward to reading some of your blogs, I can see you’ve progressed a long way in a short time
HowardJaros Premium
Hi David!

Again, welcome to Premium Wealthy Affiliate!

Here's a post by Carson about the ranking metrics that may help you to better understand how that all works. Ranking here does not make you money, it's more of a sign that a member has reached out and helped others in the community.

The way to make money from what you learn here at WA is to build websites and promote products or services. There are other small ways too, but if that is why you came, get through the certification courses, build your website, and help out as time allows.

I have seen many come and go because they had so much fun in the community but never built their online business, and left claiming WA did not work for them. They thought this was like Facebook (still waiting for a picture . . . LOL).

So, keep us posted on your training advances and what successes you have on your website. Press on . . .
Heyday Premium
Thank you for the link and the wise words. I’ve definitely been having too much fun in the forum and not focusing on the training. If I go awol, I’ll be training and not leaving as I can see the opportunity for what it is.
Thankyou for the nudge in the right direction
HowardJaros Premium
My pleasure, Sir!
MSnargrass Premium
Great job! Keep it going!
despatis Premium
Congrats David, for going premium and for posting your first blogs within Wealthy Affiliate. Well done and to be continued.

To your success,
Steven-A Premium
you are engaged