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Last Update: Jun 29, 2018

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When you have all your thoughts and bullet points in mind for an article, it's time to put them all together with style using a particular technique. We all have our own unique styles when writing. A great way to find this out is to "talk" the article through. Write it like you're speaking face to face with your guest. Write with pizzazz! This will almost add a kind of story appeal.

Three components to writing effectively are to use style, photo imagery, "an element of design" and deep knowledge.


To make a post more interesting to the eyes, adding photos and imagery will certainly turn on the charm! Colorful photos can do the trick! After all, "a picture is worth a thousand words!" Images "draw" the reader in to create that certain visual effect. (No pun intended!)


It is important, of course, to research your subject to the max in order to provide quality reading and knowledge to your reader. There are thousands of wonderful sources on the web to use from Wikipedia to Google.


In order to keep interest flowing in an appealing way to your audience, combining style, knowledge and imagery will make the words truly come alive! Adding flair to your content will lessen the "bounce rate" and will keep all eyes on the screen. Photos will help them "see" the content and your personal style will create a lasting effect!

Formulating these will produce essential and pertinent data and will help bring conversions. These are all common denominators to implement that will allow great results!

Erin :)!

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Everyone has a Story that can capture the imagination of their readers. Doing what you suggest can unleash that potential!

Sweet response, Don! Absolutely!

Writing for me always seems challenging, I am trying to learn that I don't have to be perfect. In college I was always after that perfect paper and the same remains today, I am trying to let go and just get comfortable with writing. thanks for the post

Writing is simply expressing yourself in ways that bring out your personality and knowledge. You'll get there, just open up and begin to put your thoughts into it! :)! Great job so far, Dena! xo

Good Morning! Early Bird are you reading my mind your conversation is spot on. My problem is my navigational skills on the back of the web site. My writing skill are Okay. It's knowing where to put what I write.I'm really not familiar with the Tab's.I need to know what they mean? 15 yr's ago they were called template, and in each space you were instructed what to say and where to put it. Today you have Word Press and what is that? Lol. I'm going to put this on file so I can study this more. Thank You for insight. Be Blessed.

Hi Pahrin! Glad I could rise up some interest from you today! This training may help. Let me know if this is what you mean.

YES! That's going to be sooo Help full Thank you so much Be Blessed.

Phew! So glad I chose the right one! You're welcome, Pahrin! Let me know if I can help out with anything else.

Okay! will do have a Blessed night

You, too! Enjoy! :)!

All your points are spot on. My son is a professional in content creation and I am fortunate to have him review my blog posts. He tells me to avoid interjecting comments that are off the cuff. People like to get to the point of your post.

Thanks, Rick! Your son must be a huge help to you! That's wonderful! He gives you great advice that I, too, agree with!

What a story! Great ideas! I like your article!
Thank you very much for your input!

My pleasure, Norbert! Great to have you swing in!

Hi, Erin:
I noticed, you are the best as far as writing skills are concerned as I can tell. (I am sure you have many other skills other than just writing). I have been promoting WA like crazy ever since I joined WA. Didn't get a single nibble as of yet. I was wondering if you happen to have a good text message that converts. Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated.
Have a blessed Day!

Great share! Excellent reminder!

Thank you for your efforts.

Louisa B

You are so welcome, my dear Louisa!

Clearly and thoughtfully said.

Hey, thanks, Steven! I am happy you enjoyed it!

The more we do, the better we become

Absolutely! So true!

Once again a lot of truth in what you say let it flow!

I will, Chris! Thanks!

Bookmarked lol!

Ha ha! I again, Florencio! Nice!

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