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Last Update: Mar 1, 2018


Okay, Affiliates--Another concern was brought to my attention in the past day from a few different members asking me why they got a warning from Google regarding SPAM on their website.

The answer is very simple and easy to correct so that no action will be taken against you. So, sit tight and don't fret!


Say you are promoting WA and you post several "external" affiliate links connected to WA's page on the same page of your website--THAT is considered SPAM. BUT-- ONLY if those links connect to affiliates.


On the other hand, If they connect to authority sites for seeking more information, OR if the page you're linking from is a "best of" or "review" page giving the visitor helpful advice, it is acceptable to use several "external" affiliate links.


The proper thing to do in this case would be to post "internal" links within your website in place of all but one or two "external" affiliate links--Perhaps one link going to a review page, another going to a related blog, etc. Make those "external links "internal."

So, when all is said and done, you will only have one or two "external" affiliate links going to WA's page using your custom WA link.


Internal Links: A link leading to another page within a website when clicked.

External Links: Hyperlinks that point to an outside domain.

Note: External Links can be either affiliate links OR links connecting to an authority site. (You CAN have several External links connecting to a site that is offering more information, an "Authority" site.)

I hope this answers some questions! Happy webbing!


Several External links CAN be used when connecting to AUTHORITY SITES such as sending your visitor to Wikipedia or another source for further information. They ONLY become a problem when the external links are affiliate links.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE as per moeller79's comment below, it IS perfectly fine to have as many as 10+ affiliate links on a "best of" or "review" page.

Please continue to post me your suggestions and input--I'm learning, too!

I would love your input on this one!

Thanks! Erin :)!

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Thanks for this lead.


No problem, John! Glad you swung by and it was helpful to you! See you around again.

Good call, as always.

It had to be said! :))

Thanks for the warning Erin

You bet, Trevor!

I have to go to my page and remove some links.


It's a very good reminder. I have one external link and a bunch of internal links, so it is good to know that I am doing the correct thing.

You're right on spot! Great!

Excellent advice, Erin.

Thanks, Valerie! xoxo

Excellent! On it.

Great! Glad I could advise!

Does this mean within text ? I’m not all too familiar and some parts within site content say add link. Is this considered an example of ‘internal linking’?

Yes. It can be a banner link, text link, etc..-any link that drives others to an outside domain.

That means all that we are doing can be risky ? As in review writing and adding banners to our affiliate sites ? Did i miss the point I’m not sure . The line of conduct is so thin within the online world.
What drove your interest toward marketing ? What topics interested you to begin with ?

Taking a risk is one thing, but being careful and making sure to abide by the rules in another. We just have to do our do-diligence first so we remain on key.

I was just minding my own business one day online when I came across a link that I was drawn to. The content intrigued me so that I clicked and ended up becoming a Starter Member with WA--and then Premium Member right away.

This whole world within the world hooked me and I began to study subjects that I had never known about before. I couldn't absorb enough! And that has brought me to this point.

So my answer is promoting WA here is the best possible avenue in creating a much higher earning capacity and capability. I also have other sites, but this one is my baby! Can't wait to see where it takes me! Let the journey continue! XOXO

Yes the subjects and lessons are like a mini galaxy of its own. I am indeed struggling to go about the writing for articles within the swAG challenge, as i only joined in 2017 Dec end the day after x mas.

I think I don’t even know how I got selected or on what basis but i was confident then. I wrote the review because i think this is the best place to be ever.
When it comes to business topics or how to modify or adapt it to an article writing approach i get lost. As in, I don’t know from what angle the structure of articles should look like. What should they be related to.

I just noticed this unanswered comment--opps! Your articles should be structured as your blogs, with a professional, clean look with no misspellings. xoxo

No probs. How did you study all these new subjects?
I’m getting just exhausted at times and cannot stay awake to focus.

Hey! How are you?! I've been working on the internet for over 25 years, so I guess it comes with the territory! Just use to it.

I am not doing too good, because i feel very overwhelmed i cannot do swag anymore. I need to finish the lessons because i have no idea of what i m doing. I think ill take it very slowly and lag significantly behind, because i am finding it hard to stay interested in marketing topics. Maybe slowest speed. I always find myself putting it off for the latest hours and then doing everything but write. It was different when i joined Iwas joining to learn. Now i feel stressed.

Take a step back for awhile and reboot. Then, it may seem more doable. You have to fire up the passion within you to go on.

That is true about firing a passion. I get tension headaches though i get a lot of ideas.
It’s definitely proving multi directional and i feel lost. If I’m good at referencing I’m not good at dealing with people or appealing to them. Then comes layout and beautification. Thats harder than writing. I started on the right foot and now feel perplexed and terrified again.

Shake it off and begin again! XOXO

Thankyou sweetheart i will do that :)

Great!! xoxo Don't know if this would help you, but it's my new blog post that I just wrote. Maybe it will help you smile.

Great advice. Thanks.


You're welcome, Rick. It needed to be pointed out! Too many questions!

So what do I do

The best thing to do is to write reviews and post within your website of what you're selling (It can be more than one review) and send traffic to that review with an internal link. You can also write blog posts or anything related to your product using internal links.

Uh oh...what about a WA banner in a widget on the right hand side of the page?

Not page as in post/page, just on the right side of the site.

One or two is okay, but don't "throw up" on people with too many.

That's fine, Joe. Just don't post a lot in all different places.

Gotcha...I use mainly internal links to other posts.

In the post I am currently working on I referred the reader to my About Joe page on my site and a link to my WA Profile, to give them more information on me to help build trust.

No other externals in it.



PERFECT, JOE! That's a great idea, sending your readers to your About Joe page, to make it personal and to build trust. Awesome!

Hi Joe, I know I'm responding late--just saw this! Opps! Placing WA banners on the widget, right, is fine!

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