I want to be a Funnel Hacker for Halloween!

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This is pretty cool!...

I thought I'd share with all of you what I discovered today! I got this idea from a training By Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels). His strategy is to learn from the most successful people that are making millions and billions of dollars selling their products at ClickBank. Then, research their traffic, sales and funnels. He calls it Funnel Hacking. What he teaches to do is find one of these people (Vendors) and duplicate all they do, without copying exactly, of course. By putting your own flair on it.


Go and find top products/services in each category (that have the most traffic and sales) and join their affiliate programs (free and INSTANT!) As soon as you fill out your name and email address (which is all you do--since you already were approved when you joined ClickBank), you click join and immediately are taken to your Affiliate Dashboard. Here, you'll find all your affiliate links, banners, videos, demographics, etc.--- all you'll need in order to promote their product or service.

From there, you choose their recommended video, cut and paste it to your address bar and watch it! I watched one for a couple hours today for an affiliate program I joined! On their CTA (Call to Action) / Sales page, I purchased it! Next, I made this interesting discovery without even realizing it!!

Since the link to the video I watched was MY affiliate link, when I purchased it, I MADE THE SALE ON MY OWN LINK! I didn't realize it until I saw the sale! Oops!


The Product I bought was a Digital Download for THE FAT DECIMATOR SYSTEM. I paid $37 for it. I made $24.92 profit! So, in other words, I purchased the Fat Loss system for only $12.08! Just a cool little thing. I'll know better not to do it again, but it just kind of happened this time.

So, the main purpose Russell teaches of purchasing the product is, yes, to be able to tell others about it from experience. But also to Funnel Hack!

I screenshoted pictures of all their funnels to use. However, theirs was about a 12 page funnel and very detailed. There were a ka-zillion upsells! (I only bought the main one). But, now I know how to create one! And with all the products in the upsells, I can find and sell them, too. There were lots of healthy eating books.

So, now that I have my new FAT DECIMATOR SYSTEM, I can not only be the healthiest I've been in years and look my best as I did back in my twenties, but also


Developing my own testimonial will surely help!


  • I created THE FAT DECIMATOR SYSTEM pages on each of 3 websites with the main video and listed a "GO RIGHT TO CHECKOUT" link, Testimonial videos and a demographic strategy process photo.
  • I listed the link to the video under "My #1 Recommendations" page and dropdown link.
  • I added the link to each of my site's sidebar using a banner.
  • I worked on the page SEOs to increase traffic.


  • I pinned all the related photos to each of my website boards using the Tailwind Scheduler.

Read here to learn more:

NEW! Claim Your Instagram Account, Website and More Using Pinterest

  • I created a new "THE FAT DECIMATOR SYSTEM" board and filled it with scheduled pins.
  • Using the new Tailwind connection to Instagram, I scheduled to post there, too. (Instagram doesn't allow people to schedule posts, but Tailwind will send me reminders when to post.)

So, I'm good to go with THIS product!

Now, on to the next one!


Doing this daily or in a constant fashion, will send more and more traffic to your sites. It's yet another process to go through in creating massive wealth!

Take it from the Billionaires!

I also joined another platform for $5 a month, where I will be posting my affiliate ad links on billionaire websites and articles that are drawing 3,000,000+ viewers a month! But, that is for another time! LOL!

It's all about researching the wealthy out there and picking their habits apart. If you want to be rich, study what the rich do! This is CRAZY!!!


PLEASE LIKE and SHARE, if you wish, to SPREAD THE HACKS! Thank you!

Erin :O!

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Interestiing post this, I am actually looking very closely at CF again, Russell is an amazing bloke, with a great service which has some awesome benefits

That combined with the fact that CF has made 50 Millionaires this year or in total ( can't remember which) is an awesome testament to what he does

Thanks for sharing

Right you are, Dave! I know I've "landed" on CF and CB for an amazing journey ahead! I couldn't be more excited---but, I WILL be!

Erin :)!

Great Post Erin,

Love the Humor and the Content!

- Glen B

Thanks a bunch, Glen! HAHA!

Erin :)!

Thanks for the update.

Just a small note - in general you should be careful buying through your own affiliate links.

Often they will find out t some point and you risk getting banned for it for certain programs.

Thanks for the tip, Mikael. I won't be doing it again---just wanted to test the waters! :)

Erin :)!

I am not serving candy this I help all by not reporting the who stole gas from me and stole my weed wacker I think I gave enough to the people what sad is I live in a small village about 900. When it small there more eyes on you.

Enjoy your Halloween, anyway, Sherman! Things can only get better from here on out!

Erin :)!

The Kids or adults started kicking the door in If they came in would be good.

That was simply awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

So happy to, Cliff! Nice connecting with you, my new friend!

Erin :)!

Wonderful Erin!

This is another awesome post from a super woman like you.

Trust you also have time to sleep.

Thanks for sharing this!

Be safe always!


Hey, Julius!! Thanks, I hope people can gain some insight from this post and how it all works. I'm going to sleep now! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Erin :)!

Wow Erin. I'm still in the process of learning about Clickbank and how to implement it so this post is a real eye opener. I had never realized the power of what Clickbank can offer.

Thanks for sharing these details and Happy Halloween to you !


I'm so happy to bring it all to your attention, Paul! It is the most outstanding place to find wealthy vendors!

Plus, they pay out between 75% - 90% commissions on tons of the products! You can't say that about Amazon!

Happy Spooooooky Halloween!

Erin :)!

Gotta love Russell Brunson lol. I thought you weren’t allowed generally to purchase through your own affiliate link?

You’re rocking it!!!

Michelle :)

I am now! lol. Thanks, Michelle! Glad you stopped by!

Erin :)!

Wow, Erin! You are crushing it!

I will do as you are saying in your blog and copy what you are doing 🙂

You did mention Clickfunnel in one of your comments last month but I never got around to register yet! It's on my list of things to do. I am busy getting some more content on my website at the moment...Made myself a list and sticking to it for now, but I will get there eventually!

You are so generous with your knowledge!!! It's what makes WA the best of them all!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is very valuable!

Your words are like honey, Denis!! Thanks for the nice compliments! I've just been trying to cut some corners with traffic and conversions. I'm still writing tons of content, but have found a way to shoot traffic directly to my sites through another platform I mentioned. I shall see how it works out and then post about it soon. Stay tuned! I love this business! xo

Erin :)!

Can't wait to hear more! 🙂

Love your enthusiasm!

That' sounds awesome! You hacker lol.

I love being a Super Funnel Hacker, Florencio! xoxo

Have a Spooooooky Halloween!

Erin :)!

Hey, you go get it girl, I'm really happy for you. I miss the days of dressing my kids up for Halloween. Now they dress themselves and go to parties.


I hear ya, F! Times have surely changed, but life is still great on this next phase! xo

Yes, it is!

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