3 Month Progress Report

Last Update: May 29, 2018

What can you achieve in 3 months?

When you look at it, quite a bit really. After my questioning blog yesterday here it is a brief summary of my first amazing 3 months at WA.



Certificate training complete.

Started Bo’s Gogetters Training but I have to admit I haven’t followed though adequately.

I am thinking about doing the parts of Bootcamp that I can apply to my niche sites. I don't want to start a MMO site yet, but I see some really interesting comments from people who are doing Bootcamp and I feel it would help to add to my overall knowledge.

Plus I like the structure of the more formal training.

I have read and put into practice so many tips and suggestions from members, as well as listened to You Tube audios and read ebooks recommended by other members. For this I am forever grateful as I have learnt so much from this community.

I have also developed a core group of mentors, whose advice I value and trust and to me this is priceless in guiding my development as an online entrepreneur.

Niche site

My Horse Handbook is my niche site and I am quite proud of it.

I think it looks professional and as I keep adding content I can see it building into an authority site for new horse owners.

Horses are my passion and this niche suits me to a T. I don't know if it will ever monetise but I am enjoying building it.

I have set up and am active in 4 social media sites, and I am now learning to be creative in Canva to produce a more professional look and feel for my social media engagement.

Currently I have 41 posts, 6 pages and 80 comments. No real traffic to speak of or sales, but hey it's only 3 months right?

Sideline Business

Playing around the edges with a new business venture building websites for local business. I have started my first client website which is for a pest control business (family member).

It is a way for me to test the waters and see if I can do this part-time for some added income. Local SEO is intriguing and I am enjoying learning this side of the business.

WA Ranking

At the time of writing I am currently #80.

I am very proud to be in the Top 100, and while I don't wish to wade into the whole ranking discussion, I do think it needs to be made clearer that the ranking is a measure of interaction, not length of tenure, knowledge or financial achievement.

Suffice to say I help out when I can and I try my very best to be encourage towards all members.

I heard the ethos of WA loud and clear within the first few weeks of becoming a member. We are a family, we pay it forward and we help each other out when we can.

Other members have been nothing but kind and helpful to me, answering all my newbie questions which I am sure they had all heard and answered 100 times before; and so I do my bit to pay it forward and in turn answer all the same questions for new members.

Revised Goals

$2000 months consistently by May 2019.

My boss of 16 years will be retiring next May and I am unsure how this will change my full-time employment.

This is why I started with WA in the first place, to provide a safety net of additional income in case things go pear-shaped at work on his retirement.

While my $2000 a month goal will not be enough for me to give up my full time job it became evident, after I start with WA, that my original goals and timelines were not realistic or achievable.

Working full-time I don’t think I am able to give the time it takes to my niche site to have it cover all my wage within this time frame.

So a reassessment was necessary and I will know I am going in the right direction if I can achieve this goal within the next 12 months.

$10,000 months consistently by December 2020

18 months on from the above goal and once I am able to give up working for the man and dedicate 100% of my time to building my online empire I feel this will be achievable.

At this point I do not know how, but I am putting this out to the Universe now and working on my shorter term goal until it becomes my reality.

This will enable us to move interstate and purchase property where I can have my horses at home, set me up a lovely home office to continue working from and life will be just peachy.


Only One - Time

Working a full time job as well as trying to build an internet empire can be disheartening at times.

I have so much I want to do and achieve, but I need to be realistic about the time I have to commit.

Firstly to building out my core niche site, plus then any additional affiliate websites I might need to reach my goals and developing the web design business as a paying concern.

There is so much more training I want to do, so much more knowledge that I need to make this a success.

I am really struggling to come to terms with the amount of time I can commit to growing the site and continuing to educate myself which I know I need.

I am not looking for suggestions on time management. I know about prioritising and setting goals and if you want it enough you’ll make it happen etc, etc, etc.

I am managing my time as well as possible, unfortunately there are only 24 hours in each day and I do need to sleep at some point.

To be honest I am rather envious of those who are able to get up in the mornings and get stuck into the laptop life.

I am hardworking, and I know if this was my core employment I would be much further ahead, but thems the breaks.

I am on track, with eyes firmly on the prize and I am prepared to give what it takes to create a successful career in affiliate marketing.

So there you have it my first 3 months at WA.

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laurenjean Premium
Wow, Heidi... fabulous post. Somehow I missed it initially but luckily Heyday sent me here.
I admire your goals and I have no doubt you are capable of achieving them, especially as you are blogging about your passion. I'm impressed at how much content you've managed to publish in just 3 months. Fantastic pace.
I have such respect for all those working full time and blogging part-time. No mean feat. Wishing you all the very best as to continue to grow your online empire.
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Lauren, I'd love to be doing this all day every day and one day in the future I will be blogging full-time, it must happen and I know it will, it just a matter of when.
jennyjewel Premium
Hi Heidi, Good going, keep it up. I also work and struggle to fit it all in, but like you I have my eye on the prize. I know we can do it.
HeidiY Premium
Yep this working for a living has whiskers on it Jenny :)

I'd love to be getting up every morning and working on my website. I think of all the progress I could make if I was able to do it full-time. But as you say I too know we can do it, it's just a matter of time.

Best wishes for your continued success and thanks for commenting.
DebbieRose Premium
Very impressive! Sounds like that prize is within reach. Love your sign-off!
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Debbie. I kept seeing everyone else with all these cool animated signatures, and nifty sign off's so thought it was about time I got one too.

Been reading a bit about personal branding so I guess it's my foray into that. Glad you liked it.
Heyday Premium
This is such a quality blog Heidi, I can’t help but think if the title had been ‘10k per month by 2020’ you would have gotten so many more comments and likes that this blog deserves?
Best wishes
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Very good point natural marketeer in the making
HeidiY Premium
Excellent point Heyday, I only read last night that our blogs here at WA can rank on Google, and should be treated like a blog on our website!

With keyword research, correct use of keywords, answer questions and provide info people want to read. Just another way to get sign ups from the outside world and also engage with WA members.

I was just using them to track my progress, like a personal journal I suppose, thinking I’ll be able to look back in a year or two and see how the journey unfolded.

You will see different posts from me in the future :)
Heyday Premium
Yes Heidi, it’s interesting how the blogs/articles can rank on google
My next blog(I’ve only done 4 so far, will include numbers in the title, mainly to satisfy my curiosity
The obvious problem would be if everyone started putting numbers in their blog titles!
Best wishes
MessyJess Premium
I'm very confident in your success, Heidi! It might take longer than expected, but you will get there! Have courage and keep up the great work ethic :D
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Jess, I must say I am enjoying the ride :)