Where to go in 2017?

Last Update: January 09, 2017

Hi all my WA friends.

I am back from and extended holiday break which actually was mainly a break from activities in the WA community while I was quite busy with my websites and figuring out new things while repairing old stuff.

Now the question: where to put the focus in 2017.

I came her in the end of July and enjoyed a lot getting to know you and engaging on other peoples questions and topics. I like to be connected and help others.

My original intend was to create trainings about live streaming, present the different platforms, webinar possibilities or just spontaneous live streaming like on Istagram or Facebook or Youtube.

I got the impression that here in WA almost everybody is sticking with writing texts, and texts again, and that video is not yet in the focus - despite already 2016 was announced the year of video marketing.

Well, the QUESTION is: would there be enough people interested in ways that I put all the time and effort into creating these trainings? Let me know.

I somehow came to the conclusion that I need to spend my time more into my own websites and my own video content creation instead of allowing me the kick to scroll through my emails for interesting blog posts to engage with.

There is also a certain delusion because hardly ever the conversations here went over the short niceties- exchange. I would love to have deeper conversation, co-creation of ideas and even explore controversial standpoints. My attempts into that direction were merely deleted, no answer or invitation for clarification.

I invite everybody to connect with me on G+, Facebook or via my websites if you are interested in deeper stuff beyond career and money making. I also appreciate private messages and you can ask me my take on your blog posts if you are interested to hear it. I have decided to NOT regularly go through the notifications and so I might miss important posts of yours. So please let me know if you want to stay connected.

From my side there are some people whose profile I will visit every now and then and check for their posts. And I hope we will maintain the connection.

I will NOT LEAVE WA, I have all my websites here (5 or 6 altogether), but I will appear less publicly in the community and give my rank number to someone else. (I had made it to 28, I believe).

If you have special questions and you think that I might know the answer, please let me know.

I wish you all the best


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kasage00 Premium
I often get caught up in the blogs here.
delroy2222 Premium
Yes, so many great blogs to read.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Heidi, I totally understand how we can get caught up with the blogs and forget the reason we are here. I am sure we will hear from you time to time. All the best.
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Heidi, all the best .. Cheers, William.
paulgoodwin Premium
I love your post Heidi and I also LOVE the frogs!!!
Tezsie Premium
Thanks for the clarity, I´ll keep following you.