3 Years!

Last Update: December 03, 2018

November marked 3 years since I joined WA and formally launched my blog and wow, what an incredible journey to reflect on!

I am nowhere near done growing my business but I am very proud to say that I have achieved and shattered my original goals that I set when I started this business.

I started my blog for a number of reasons:

1) Became stay at home mom so wanted to be home with my kids

2) Needed/wanted only about $1K a month from my blog

3) Wanted a flexible part-time gig with low hours that I control

4) A creative outlet for my writing and design

I find myself in awe that my goals seemed so simple.


1) I am still at home with my 4 kids full time

2) I make way more than $1k a month (a full-time income)

3) I have only EVER spent 10-15 hours a week IF I am lucky! I don't have time for much more than that. I come and go as I please. Work as little or as much as I want and I do not stress about it!

4) The creative side has been incredible. I have learned more about web design and graphic design than I ever thought I could.

The best part of where I am today? I am present every day, all day for my kids. I get to wake up with them. Drop/pick up from school. Attend school events. Set up playdates. Allow them to be in various activities. Have casual coffee and lunch dates with girlfriends. Do things for myself...


I get the gift of time.

In my corporate job, I had zero time. I was tethered to a work phone even when I got a little bit of time.

My life looks so different than it did 3 years ago.

Has it been easy? No, not in the slightest. I have worked hard to get here. I had to find creative ways to get where I needed to be without spending 40+ hours a week on my blog. I had to work smarter. I had to focus on the high rate of return tasks.

I also had to realize that I could not compare my progress to everyone else (some bloggers I started with grew much faster) and that I can't do it all. I had to focus on the reason WHY I started blogging.

I hope anyone who has read through my progress posts realizes that blogging is hard work. It is not an overnight success but it is achievable. Once you reach your goals, all that frustration (and there's a lot of it), the ups and downs (there's a lot of that too), and hard work was so so worth it.

It's been more than worth it for me!

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TommyVTE Premium
Thanks fro sharing that are some nice results
Have a great day
mbouteiller Premium
Nice! Thank you for sharing your progress Heather. It's very inspirational and hard work certainly does pay off.

Awesome results! It just gets better...

Robert-A Premium
Very well done Heather.
Believe it or not but I still remember when you joined and followed me back in 2015.
Keep up the good work.
Ever Onwards And Ever Upwards.
HeatherGrace Premium
wow you have a great memory! haha
Robert-A Premium
A great memory can be a blessing or a curse coz there are some things I wish I could forget as well as the good ones.
You are one of the good ones Heather.
Enjoy your Saturday.
danijel95 Premium
This is great Heather! Congrats on such epic results!
AlenkaV Premium
Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your success with us.
It's so important to see that the hard work pays off in the end.
So lovely to read how you've achieved to stay at home with your children while being active and creative at the same time.
Wishing you even more success in the future.
HeatherGrace Premium
Thank you =-)