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December 03, 2018
November marked 3 years since I joined WA and formally launched my blog and wow, what an incredible journey to reflect on!I am nowhere near done growing my business but I am very proud to say that I have achieved and shattered my original goals that I set when I started this business. I started my blog for a number of reasons:1) Became stay at home mom so wanted to be home with my kids2) Needed/wanted only about $1K a month from my blog3) Wanted a flexible part-time gig with low hours that I co
I haven't posted an update on my progress in quite some time. I started these posts here to not only have something I could reflect back on but also to help any new members get a glimpse of what someone's real journey looks like.I had zero experience with blogging, website building, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc before coming to WA. I had a passion for writing and an idea of what I wanted to do but had no idea where to start.I spent more than I'm willing to admit on courses, ebooks, etc in the
Amazon Prime Day officially kicked off just hours ago! Been preparing for this day for a while now and am hoping to see big results! Is it sad that I am almost as ready for it to be over as I was for it to be here? HahahaBest wishes to all my fellow Amazon Associates today and tomorrow! I would love to hear from those of you who have prepared for this day as well and how you faired. I hope it turns out to be an awesome 30 hours!Take care and May the odds always be in your favor.-Heather
May 09, 2017
I can hardly believe its been 18 months since I joined WA and started my first website!When I was first considering starting this journey, I searched for and read many progress reports from other members so I could gauge if this really works. And if so, how long does it take. So here I am 18 months later and I am happy to report that my site is thriving and continuing to grow. I working less than 10 hours a week since I am a stay at home mom to three kids. So there is a lot of room for it to gr
March 26, 2017
Being newer to internet marketing (my site is just about 18 months old), there are so many small things outside of the site itself and posting content that I am learning as I go. One of those lessons has been about Media Kits.I am in the baby and breastfeeding niche and it has been great. One thing that I was not prepared for was all the requests I would start getting from companies to try their product. They send me whatever the product is, I try it and see if it is something I would like to r
February 22, 2017
I have been with WA for 15 months now... Hardly seems like this journey started that long ago. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, my website is still "new." I don't promote WA on my website (though I wish I had the time for a second site so I could start) but I wanted to write this post to encourage any newbies.I am a stay at home mom to three children. One of which is a newborn. My life is crazy. Really crazy. I started my website to help bring in some extra income so that I could continue to
November 03, 2016
Yesterday marked one year since I joined WA and launched my first site... I can't believe it's been that long to be honest. Time flies!I know this next year will bring big things for my business and I am very excited about that. I am pulling what I would consider a part time income from my site. Not bad considering I don't work it full time (maybe 10 hours a week). Social Media is doing great and I have this love affair going with Pinterest =-) I could spend all day there pinning, sorting, addi
August 01, 2016
Tomorrow will be 9 months here with WA! I honestly cannot believe it's been that long.I missed the last few months in updating my progress so I am making sure I get this month's in!This last month has been BIG. I spent a lot of time refocusing on some things for my business and that caused a few months where it hurt my sales but I knew in the long run it would pay off and I am so glad to report that it has.In the last month, I have tripled my sales. My organic search traffic has quadrupled. I h
May 20, 2016
Okay, a little late on this but this month marked 6 months with WA. When I first started here I loved reading about other people's progress so I could have some idea of what to expect.So no huge changes for me from the last month other than I am on page 1 of Google with more articles than the previous month and my Organic Search Traffic is continuing to go up. It is nothing impressive yet and I still have to work hard to generate my own traffic but I am hopeful that in the next few months I wil
Hey everyone,So I am trying to increase my following on both Pinterest and Twitter and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a swap - I will follow you in return for following me. Here are my profile links:Pinterest: you guys so much for any help!If you would leave your links in the comments below, I will follow you back right away! I just want to make sure I don't miss anyone.