Community support my 1 reason for staying with WA

Last Update: June 20, 2016

This is our first blog post. I felt compelled to share our feelings with mainly new WA members. I'll keep this short and sweet and straight to the point. We began our WA journey in April 2016. After we did our homework in checking out this business opportunity, I and my husband decided to go for it and see what kind of value this business had to offer.

We started with the free membership and realize that basic membership wasn't going to cut it for us. We both said to each other let's try it out for a couple of months and see if it's worth the premium monthly fee. We've been here for 2 months & 16 days and we feel that just the premium hosting, free keyword tool, domain name registration service that alone, is worth the monthly premium cost to us.

You may feel different about this, you might think it's to expensive. The main reason for us staying here besides all the premium features available to us is this "The Community Support" is above and beyond anything we expected. I and my husband feel JUST the community support alone is worth every penny.

I thank Kyle & Carson and the crew for providing an awesome business opportunity, keep up the awesome work guys we love you for it.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Vitaliy G. our mentor & helper, and the kind and caring community that provided encouragement & support when we were frustrated and totally confuse.

If you're like us you will experience doubt, frustrations, and thoughts of giving up because it may be a challenge for you to understand all this new information. JUST DO IT! stay focus and take advantage of the community support this is the "REAL TREASURE" in here if you ask the right questions.

Anything of real enduring value takes time. Stick with it until you get the desired results. I'll see you at the top.

"Change your thinking, and your world around you will change."

Your friend,

Kelii & Mae

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Loubelle Premium
Hi that's a great blog. All the best to you both
Hawaii576 Premium
ty :)
Hawaii576 Premium
LOL notice I forgot to put " # " before the 1. Oh well, brain farts LOL goodnight everyone.
Loes Premium
Hi Kelii and Mae, if WA lessons came without a community, I, for sure, had quit the first month.

So many people here have pulled me through. To mention a few, Marion, Melody, Robert twice, Nathaniell, Carla, Shawn, Ken, Rohan, Joseph, Crista, Jewel, Allen, Craig, David, Mark, Miguel, Sean and many members more.... all people who helped me and pulled me through my first months here.

Some of them are still here, some choose another road, sadly one has died. May he RIP.

And I never forget the help of Maksim, if not for him, stepping in when I got stuck. I went into the live chat, and he volunteered to help me out using PM, and he stayed with me for a couple of hours, trying to get through to my nitwit grey mass brain, to explain how to handle things.

We are like a big family, and I love to be here!
Hawaii576 Premium
Yes I agree, we love to be here too :)
EFors Premium
I do agree. :))
Hawaii576 Premium
Aloha :)
LisaFranks Premium
I knew I had to have premium within hours but couldn't afford to get it for 6 days. It was torture LOL
Hawaii576 Premium
Yes torture LOL :)