SWAG- Month Three Progress

Last Update: May 03, 2018

Well folks month three of the Super Wealthy Affiiate Challenge, affectionately known as SWAG is coming to a end. It has been a very interesting month, and continues to be both challenging and rewarding.

In terms of the tasks set out by Kyle, officially I have completed 12 out of the 16. The remaining four tasks are in various stages of completion. While I do not offer six Site Comments daily, I do offer two daily. In cases like this I have not met the challenge , but I will increase the productivity as we progress.

It is the same for post writing. Currently I am averaging two posts per week and I should be averaging three. Kyle’s method of grouping tasks has proven invaluable and should help with my upping my game moving forward.

I had all of the social media accounts already established because of my niche account and am following Kyle on all of them. I am posting on all of them as I create content. Trying to learn how to maximize my use of Instagram. I posted something from my niche site on there and the “likes,” are increasing. So I will see how I can replicate the same experience on my SWAG site.

Continuing to create banners that I can use on my posts and on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I must thank Karen Forsman, who is the SWAG guru on making banners. She has shared her banners with me and unknowingly motivated me into creating my own.

In closing, I must say this is a very formidable challenge and never boring.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Awesome post Harvey!!

Tried and True

HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Elaine
LouisaB Premium
Awesome work well done!
Keep going forward!

Louisa B
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Louisa, there is no turning back now.
nightwatch Premium
I haven't got to month 3 yet. I'm a little over halfway way through Month 2. I'm averaging 1-2 posts per week. But things are moving along. I don't think any of us realized how challenging the Challenge would turn out to be!
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for commenting Gary. No I certainly did not but I love a challenge anyways.
Memorylaneuk Premium
You are doing great. 12 posts a month is a big challenge. I still have 2 to write and publish. It takes up a lot of my time in promoting each post on social media and I am using schedulers !
6 comments a day has proven too much for me. That takes me at least an hour but I am doing what I can.
Wishing you every success.
With Grace and Gratitude
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Karen, all the best to you as well. I am sure you will be okay.
DavidFrady Premium
That’s awesome buddy. You’re doing well! Have a great day. Take care
HarveyBrown Premium
Thank you David, you take care also.