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November 28, 2018
Hello Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Community, this is what I call a good day.I woke up this morning to find that the snow and rain that had fallen since Monday had stopped. This means the day is bright and not as cold.I also found that I had once again made it into the top 200 here at WA. Now I have been in this position several times before only to find my ranking slipping backwards after a few days. I was reluctant to share this because of the slippage and not knowing when it might happen again. S
October 11, 2018
The Japanese word hyoshi is translated to mean Rhythm. In the Martial Arts rhythm can be related to several actions, the rhythm of attacking, the rhythm between actions and applying counter rhythms. I was reflecting on this recently in terms of how to improve the flow of my actions during my karate practice, when another light came on in the attic of my mind. I started to think about finding my Hyoshi (rhythm) in my online business here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Now that Summer is official
September 13, 2018
Wow, I woke up this morning looked at my network and noticed that I had hit the 8,000 mark in terms of follows. As I drive through little towns on my way to somewhere in Ontario, Canada, I always notice the town signs that welcome you. Usually these signs indicate the population. Looking at my little network I realise that I have a small village who’s population is bigger than some of the villages I pass through. That is amazing. What I also struck me this morning is my network is part
Can you imagine Sweden having forest fires? Hard to imagine but that is a reality that happened in Sweden during the month of July. You see like most of the world, Sweden has been experiencing a dry spell with extremely high temperatures and that has caused the forests to be sensitive to wildfires. Temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius are being experienced in places in Africa and people have actually died, due to the heat in Canada and Japan. To me the concept of a forest fires in Sweden
July 02, 2018
Hello everyone and for those members celebrating Canada’a birthday, happy birthday. I woke up Saturday morning and partially went through my usual routine. Went down stairs, brewed a coffee , sat down in my lazy boy, turned on the iPad, clicked on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and to my surprise there was a pop up . The pop up said that WA had been trying to send me emails but the kept bouncing back.Let’s back track a bit. I am moving and had informed my service provider that I wanted to c
June 29, 2018
On both sides of the 49th Parallel we are getting ready to celebrate a national holiday. In Canada it is “Canada Day,” and our American neighbours “Independence Day.” Us Canadians will have a long weekend to enjoy family and friends and whatever festivities the Government of Canada has planned to bring the country together in celebration.I have often wondered how do you celebrate a holiday when it falls in the middle of the week? You see I really look forward to a long
June 09, 2018
On June 14, 2018, the “Beautiful Game.,” will begin in Russia. All the teams from around the globe will present their best players to challenge each other for world supremacy at the World Cup of Soccer.To make it to the World Cup each team has played other teams according to the region where they are located. Being from Jamaica and living in Canada I have cheered for both teams. Both play in the North, Central America and Caribbean Qualifier Zone. Neither of them qualified for the 2
May 24, 2018
I love a challenge and creating an online business is definitely that. The only real difference between an online business and a brick and mortar business is the physical aspect and cot of the brick and mortar. Basically every other aspect is the same. In each case to be successful, to stand on the podium, to rank on the first page of the Social Media platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you need to have passion, you need to get your fingers burned and you need to put in the time, and money.I
May 05, 2018
Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our Mexican members. May 5, is celebrated my Mexico to commemorate its army’s victory over the French occupying forces. Often confused with Mexico’s Independence, which is actually celebrated in September.
Well folks month three of the Super Wealthy Affiiate Challenge, affectionately known as SWAG is coming to a end. It has been a very interesting month, and continues to be both challenging and rewarding.In terms of the tasks set out by Kyle, officially I have completed 12 out of the 16. The remaining four tasks are in various stages of completion. While I do not offer six Site Comments daily, I do offer two daily. In cases like this I have not met the challenge , but I will increase the pro