My First Week At SWAG

Last Update: February 12, 2018

Dear Team,

My first week (out of 52) at the SWAG challenge is over. It was rather like a test to me - what to expect from the next 51 weeks and am I going to handle the situation?

It is still too early to say whether I will reach the final goal - to become a super affiliate, but I know two things - I will do my best to make it and I will play the game step by step.

I feel it like climbing a mountain - if you watch at the top from the base camp - it would seems to be frightening. So you have to break all the way into small steps...

I am new at Wealthy Affiliate and the second half of January was my real start here. I mean bying domain names for two websites - one for the SWAG and one for a niche website I plan to develop as well.

My main achievements for WEEK 1 of SWAG commitments:

1. I created the logo of my website, using Canva. Following Kyle's advice, it was a piece of cake, so I was glad to learn about this method. OK, the logo is not great, but for the money (zero) and time spend (15 minutes), it is just a point to start from.

2. I created three articles (the first three ones for this website) with 4 000 words in total. Again - I take this as the baseline, where I will start climbimg from.

Wish you a great week ahead!


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HarveyBrown Premium
You are on the money Anton. Great to read your progress.
Harizan Premium
Thank you, Harvey:)
phoeby123 Premium
Congrads. Baby steps. The turtle wins the race.
Harizan Premium
Yes, patience is a virtue:)
DNicholas Premium
Everyone is a little wobbly when learning to walk.

Harizan Premium
Exactly, Don:)
buffetearns Premium
Nice Anton!

Harizan Premium
Thank you, Wayne:)
Alan Hocking Premium
Sounds like you're moving forwards nicely Anton

Keep it up! :)
Harizan Premium
Hi Alan,

Thank you!

Yes, I feel I just took off!