Little surprise !

Last Update: January 23, 2015

When I logged in today to continue to work on my websites(3) and content I saw that my rank has reached the number of 200. Soo, I hear you thinking !

Well, here is the thing. Like most of you I started at WA as a newbie and followed the certification Level 1 in my first week on November 13 th 2014. After that I became a Premium Member because I was really interested in building an online business. Beside being an IT man I'd had also my education in Business Administration. But this was new to me. I couldn't wait to follow the other certification programs and so I did ;-). My ranking was by the way 1667.

What strikes me the most is the eagerness and willingness of starters and experienced ones to share their knowledge with others. Beleive me I have worked with several national and international companies and this was never the case. This is what makes this WA community very unique. Every question is answered with the intention to improve the knowledge of those who ask. I have participated in several discussions, chat's and so on and read almost every question asked, when I have the time.

We all have dreams, dreams of having a business, be financially independent or in some cases earn extra income to finally being able to realize some things in life. I have them too.

It's what Kyle wrote about in his last blog about Vegas, You have to work your butt off to be better every day and pursue what you think you deserve. Well, so I did. I learned a lot from persons like Kyle, Nathaniel, Magistudios, Labman etc, because it's like having a coach/mentor when you don't know how to proceed. I know what I want, how I want it and when I want it.

Like every human being I have my moments of brightness, insecurity and thoughts on how things will turned out to be. But.. I know that I can always ask my community friends here if that would be the case. I'm a person that never gives up and I'm sure my projects will succeed, no matter what. So to those ( I read it once in a while) that are having trouble no matter what, there is a lot of people out there, including me, that can and will help you out, no matter what your question is about. That's something to think about !!

Well friends, i'll leave you all to work on your things and for me the weekend has almost started lol.

If you recognize some of these thoughts within yourself, just leave a comment. It will be most appreciated.

PS. Just had to get this off my chest.

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JewelCarol Premium
The great training here complete with yr dedication, hardwork will surely help you to set up a great website. It is great to see that you are progressing well, Gregory. :)
Gregory57 Premium
larryf20865 Premium
I wrote a blog on something like this yesterday!!
You just got more words than I do. LOL
Bro I feel the same way
Congrates on the ranking, hope I get there soon
Gregory57 Premium
thanx I'll read your blog asap.
pahr53 Premium
Well Larry - You got there - didn't you? **SMILES**
kennnyb Premium
You work hard until the system work for you.
Gregory57 Premium
Exactly Ken.
Gordon-D Premium
Very nice blog Gregory and i can associate with some of the article you have written, im always a little excited when i see my ranking come down which means ive contributed to the community in some form or other, albeit i dont think im qualified yet to give advise but hopefully that will come
Gregory57 Premium
It will come in time. Cheers
Mike-V Premium
This was a great and inspiring read for a newbie like me!
Gregory57 Premium
Anytime Mike