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July 06, 2015
I almost forgot, but I have been here at WA for already 6 months and more !I will not make it a long story since everybody is so focussed into their business and seemingly have little time. So here it comes.Started last year I decided to take a chance with Wealthy Affiliate since I was looking on how to make some extra income online. After looking into different matters as I read in several of your articles and blogs, I finally decided to go for WA.I have spent hours and days studying the certif
January 23, 2015
When I logged in today to continue to work on my websites(3) and content I saw that my rank has reached the number of 200. Soo, I hear you thinking ! Well, here is the thing. Like most of you I started at WA as a newbie and followed the certification Level 1 in my first week on November 13 th 2014. After that I became a Premium Member because I was really interested in building an online business. Beside being an IT man I'd had also my education in Business Administration. But this was new to m
Hello everyone. Today I'm going to write about my experience within Wealthy Affiliate since becomming a member.How I started. About a few weeks ago I encountered this link of WA while I was looking on Google for something else related to online bussiness. I became curious and decided to take a look. I could sign in for a free membership to see if this was someting I was looking for. After following the "Level 1 Getting Started" course, I beame more and more enthousiastic on how to built a
November 20, 2014
Hallo everyone, As a part of an exercise at the end of Course #2, Lesson 10, I'm asked to write a blog of the things I've done so far here at WA. Well here it comes. Recently, as for last week, I subscribed as a free member at WA to see how a on line business can be done. I followed the Level 1 course and did all the tasks required. It was awesome to see how you can build something from scratch to actually a running business, in the form of a website. I followed all the video instructions f