Keywords and Teddy Bears

Last Update: Jan 31, 2016


Caption: My grandson Joey and son-in-law Kenny.


ChrisScott (a.k.a. Teddy Bear) asked the following;


I am having quite a time getting my mind wrapped around the placement, how often, Where to place them..etc of keywords.

I understand what they are but how exactly to use them for the crawlers eludes me. Can you help with this?


My response;

Great question.

Keywords are our way as publishers of telling the search engines and our site visitors what our article or post is about.

Keywords can be a single word like "pacemaker" or a phrase like "pacemaker candidate."

I use this example because I use the keyword phrase "pacemaker candidate" in one of my articles which ranks in the top 10 on Google.

Search engines like Google examine our article keywords to get the gist of what we are trying to convey and what topic our article relates to.

There are some strategic places to put your keyword/phrase.

First, the keyword needs to appear in your article title. Hopefully the keyword will appear at the beginning of the title but this isn't mandatory.

The keyword should show up in your sub-title too.

The keyword should be included in the first paragraph of your article.

The keyword should be sprinkled within the body of your article a few times depending on how long the article is. Use the keyword too many times in the body of your article and it will look spammy to the search engines.

To know if you have too many uses of your keyword in your article then get your calculator out. Take the total words of your article and divide by the number of times you use your keyword in your article text. It should be about 1.5% and no more. Oh, title and sub-title don't count.

Use the keyword in your last paragraph and taa daa, you have a keyword friendly article.

One final thing is that the keyword should appear in the "alt" tags of any of the images you use in your article.


Teddy Bear responded;

Grandpa, I understand now!!!!! I have spent hours to find questions. Days to find answers and you sum it up in 200 words. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much.
-Col. Scott

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Hello GrampaMike, I have been learning loads regarding keyword use and placement here at WA. Great post! Thanks, chuck

Hi Chuck. Thanx for the thanx!

Great information, and I bookmarked it. :))

Keyword - famous

Title: Famous GrampaMike

Sub-title: GrampaMike's quest to be famous.

Maybe this article will make me famous, ya think? I'm just kidding.

So goes GrampaMike in his quest for notoriety. Many long years of learning and experimentation with the concept of keywords.

Fame or fortune? No need to be famous. I'd rather have the fortune.

Copyright 2016 GrampaMike Publishing. All right reserved.


Thank you Grampamike! Great information!

You are most welcome.

Thank you for this great summary. Do not understand the alt tags for image inclusion. Could you expand on this a little more?

Sure. Alt stands for alternate.

It is text which appears on your website when your image does not appear due to some glitch. Alt text is also used for blind people using special readers when browsing your website.

Alt text is easy to insert. The easiest way is to write your article like normal and insert you image into the article. Then click on the image to edit its size if you want. There is also a little pencil icon. Click on that and you will magically see a box for typing in your alt text.

Google expects to see alt text (a.k.a. alt tags). No alt tags? Google gonna say, "low rank for you."

The second way to insert alt text is to fill in those boxes along the right side of the page before you insert your image. The alt box appears there too. For example, upload your image into your image library like normal. Look along the right side of the page before inserting your image into your article.

Along the right side are all kinds of funny little goodies you can change to alter your image or make the image a link to somewhere else like an affiliate. Hint. Hint.

Still confused? Let me know and I will try again.

Thank you for kind of you to provide a full explanation.
Will explore further to improve my knowledge, understanding and my site construction.
Best regards David

Looks like you got your answer. Remember google is looking at your alt tags, and your picture will appear in google search, so you need to add precise tags to your pictures. All the best.

when google crawls it does not recognize images if you have good alt tags with keywords in there it helps with your SEO

All new to me so thank you for your reply

Happy to be of some help!

You are correct. My images began showing up as the first images in a Google search for my keyword. Interesting trend. I also noticed my WA images showing up too.

I'm happy to have helped. All my best.

That was a really good post. So easy to understand. Great smile on the teddy bear!

Well, thank you. That's my grandson, Joey, during Halloween a couple of years ago. He is a little older and will one day be one charming dude. His eyes and smile will bowl anyone over.

Thanks Grandpa Mike for that succinct summation on key words. It will help me immensely with my articles.

Happy to be of help. I would have written this long ago had I known folks needed the clarification.

Anyway, the post is here for all to see.

Great tips on keyword use. That is going to help many people with using them in their posts.


I was surprised when someone asked me about keywords and their use. Sure glad I made this post.

I am surprised at how many people were having the same issue. So glad you posted our conversation. Makes me happy

The. Teddy Bear

You deserve all the credit. Had you not asked the question then I would never had thought about making this post. Must be fate.

Thank you Grandpa,
I sure do appreciate all the help you gave me with this.

-Teddy Bear.

Until you brought the question up, I didn't realize folks needed some clarification. Just glad I could be here to help.

Take care, my friend.

Thanks for the reminder and for posting Mike. We can over think it.

What was it we used to say when I was young?


Great reminder and good info and was it from you or the teddy

LOL, I'm under orders to say it was the Teddy.

I'd follow you into war any day Grandpa

- Teddy Bear

Hey dude, I got your back!!!

say not more!!!!

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