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4/3/16 [update] Well, I'll be darned. I just ran into the first Sway I have ever seen in a major search engine result. I did a normal search on a topic on Bing and bingo, I noticed the URL. It was at where all Sways are hosted. is run by Microsoft. Anyway, in the Bing search results was a Sway someone published. Now my post is even more relevant.Microsoft Sway - Create and share interactive posts, reports, presentations, stories, and more ...Microsoft sent me an email a
February 26, 2016
Well, it's time to close shop and go fishing.I have made the decision to close my projects and have some me time.Time to scale back and go smell the roses.I have had a lot of fun with my online activities. I have especially enjoyed all the wonderful people I have met in the WA community. From Russia to Singapore, I have gotten to make some very dear friends. That means you Prestones.Anyway, thanx to all who have helped me in the past. Especially Loes and Marion Black. If they are not part
February 19, 2016
The Truste folks who issue the Truste certification seal you see on websites has issued the following statement;If your websites or apps attract European users you must adhere to the requirements of the EU Cookie Directive - not complying exposes you to unnecessary risk.Not only do you need to worry about regulator enforcement and consumer expectations, but Google AdSense policy now requires all advertisers on their network to comply with EU cookie consent policy.How do you comply? If your webs
January 30, 2016
Caption: My grandson Joey and son-in-law Kenny.________________________________________________________________ChrisScott (a.k.a. Teddy Bear) asked the following;__________________________________________________________I am having quite a time getting my mind wrapped around the placement, how often, Where to place them..etc of keywords. I understand what they are but how exactly to use them for the crawlers eludes me. Can you help with this?_____________________________________________________
January 24, 2016
I think I am about to open a Pandora's Box.I enjoy helping people. It's in my nature to help. I spent my career doing just that.Something I have noticed is that folks at WA are at times reluctant to ask for help when they get stuck. Many of the questions I get come with a caveat saying something like "I'm sorry for imposing upon your time," or something along those lines. That's polite but unnecessary.I agree that it takes time to answer questions but I want to assure everyone that your que
January 19, 2016
Ever wondered where your web page shows up on Google or Bing?You could do it the hard way by typing your keyword into a Google search and then looking for your web page article by looking through all those websites until you find your article.If you are at number 752 then it will take a long time to find your website page.What if I told you there is an easier way which will take only moment to find your page?Sure wish I was paid to tell you guys this stuff, lol.Anyway, here is a nifty tool for
December 19, 2015
Here are my optimization tips for writing or improving your articles or posts.Try to put at least one outbound link in your article linking to an authoritative website such as a .gov or .edu website.You do a Google search as follows;[your keyword] + .edu + .govyou can even add + .org if you like.The search looks like this for the keyword "aging"aging + .edu + .govTry to make your article easy to read. How?Test your article with the free Flesch Reading Ease test tool.About Flesch: http://www.r
December 16, 2015
Okay, I know. You are tired of reading my WA posts. Well, I have just the thing for you. How about some cool videos?Here is a collection of my favorite videos. A webmaster's galleria.One slight problem. I can't figure out how to force this WA editor to let me display videos. So you will have to put up with links to these videos. Yes, I know. You will have to go to all the trouble of clicking twice to get the video running.Don't blame me. I didn't design this silly editor.Pop some popco
December 16, 2015
There is no better way to learn what makes Google happy than to get this information straight from the horses mouth.Start here with Google's own video; you know Google has a Webmaster Academy?Intro to Webmaster AcademyThinking about creating a website? Great! Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search.Who should take Webmaster Academy? Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving t
December 08, 2015
Question: What convinced you to sign up for WA?I came to WA through an affiliate link on Nathaniell's website. He wrote a well written article on Internet scams. There was a short note at the end of his article mentioning WA and I was intrigued. The rest is history.So what's your story? If you could give me a short summary about what convinced you to sign up for WA then I would be deeply grateful.Thanx a million.