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Last Update: March 02, 2015

Hi WA universe I would like some help in resolving an issue that seems to raising its ugly head.

The purpose of website comments is to help your site SEO. Below is a couple of exerts form the Affilaite Bootcamp.

I have created a thread that you can post one of the pages on your site (could be any page) and ask the folks here at Wealthy Affiliate to help you out with a comment on a page within your site.

GET COMMENTS: Ask for Comments Here (Give and Take Thread)

These comments are going to get the ball rolling here and is going to give your site the "appearance" of being an active one, not only to your visitors but to Google as well.

Remember to respond to all of the comments on your website in a timely manner.

Task 5: Comment on at least 3 other people's websites

Your last task today is going to be to comment on at least 3 people's website pages that they post within the following discussion.

OFFER YOUR COMMENTS: Comment on AT LEAST 3 members websites

Don't give one liners like "great site" or "thanks for the info", the more helpful and relevant the comments are, the better. You could even ask a question or start a conversation.

Affiliate Bootcamp - The Comment Share Post

Everyone can post a page from their website (please give the exact URL) that they want comments on here within this discussion. Please post ONE page at a time and also spend the time to make at least 3 comments on others posts.

Lets keep this post rolling at all times and don't abuse this. This is a community project remember, so please do post your page, but also take the time to offer your comments and questions on other peoples websites.

As you can see this is a give and take process. People asking for a site comment should and this is my interpretation:

1. Comment on at least 3 other website.

2. Make all comments relevant to the page subject matter.

3. Try to use the page SEO title in the comment

4. Respond in kind to all comments left on their site. Every comment has a link back to the originator that gives easy access.

So if you ask for a comment on a your site and comment on three other sites you should receive 4 comments back (minimum)

We are all in this together I ask for comments, give comments and reply to comments. Yes it takes time but be fair. Yesterday I replied to all my site comments, commented on about 7 sites asked for comments on a post and received 2 comments back.

You may see this as a whinge but the community is built on give and take and TRUST.

Everyone will benefit if we all follow this simple rule.

To all the people who are following the program as I am, thanks for all your help and support

Thanks for reading


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Tinnakon Premium
I have the same scenario like you said. So now I comment on the member who promises to return the favor and I scroll down to see if he did that with other member or not. This should not be happened if Give and Take is really respected.
GoSparky Premium
Hi Tinnakon - That is exactly the point i was trying to make. The idea of posting comments is brilliant, but it only works if everyone follows the "rules". If you comment on three different websites, then you should receive 3 comments back from those people.
We'll get there with education
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for the great reminder, Mark!
If everyone followed this rule, imagine the impact!
GoSparky Premium
Hi Dan - I think you've got my point exactly. Sorry if I came across as being negative.
gadifi Premium
Mark that was a very good point and maybe Strap has a good point to have a message like this out to the community as there is new members joining all the time but if they do the training eventually they will know because this is in one of the lessons or tasks that we have to do.
thanks again
GoSparky Premium
Hi Willie - We really don't want to turn this into an issue. New people will learn as they go along. My point is returning a comment is a mark of respect for both parties. You helped me so I'm going to help you.
As Dan says above if everyone followed this simple premise then WA trained affiliates would rule the internet.
Strap Premium
I agree Mark, it can get very frustrating especially when you have taken the time and effort to do your part. I don't know what the answer is except to do a post like this one on a regular basis. But we keep on going in the hope that the rest of the community comes round to thius train of thought.
mylife87 Premium
Hey there. I am new to this community and still have not completed all of my lessons, so I am not sure I really understand what you're asking for. I may not be much help, but I'll try if you could explain to me a little more exactly what your request is. Thanks!
GoSparky Premium
Hi Mylife87 - This post was not intended to be negative in any way .If it's come across that way then please accept my apologies. WA is by far the best mentoring system on the internet.
One of the processes set up by Kyle and Carson is the comment interaction between the community.
This involves people asking for, and receiving comments on their respective website posts. Part of the criteria for receiving comments is to give three comments out.
This system is brilliant and works fine.
My point is - If you are good enough to help someone with a comment they should post a comment on your site as a token of mutual respect.
So if you do your "mandatory" 3 comments then ask for a comment on your site you should receive 4 posts back (minimum)
You should them post a comment on the remaining site
Does this help a little?