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November 16, 2015
Hi WA world members. I recently wrote a review about My Email Mentor. I have now updated the information. I fully believe that this program is indeed a scam and should be avoided at all costs. All it will do is take your hard earned cash. If you are interested in my opinions and why i have come to this conclusion please check out the updated review by following the link below. taking the time to read this short updateStay SafeMark
October 06, 2015
Most people realize that the Internet has the potential to create some serious money. Just the sheer number of of active users surfing "The Net" on a daily basis is phenomenal. Everything is in place for those who want to become successful.Despite this people still seem frozen and reluctant to act. This is a problem I believe that has been caused by the unsavory customers that proliferate the "cyber world". Fear and procrastination is in the mind but they are dream killersWhen I first stumbled
August 25, 2015
Hello to all my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. Before I go into my reasons for writing this blog I would just like to wish you all a great day. You know despite all our trials and tribulations and all the pain we go through - isn't life wonderful?You may know if you've followed some of my blogs in the past I've had a few "downer times", I even stopped writing my monthly update. During those "dark times" I received some great support from you guys. Well you know with persistence, consistence,
Hi fellow Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur's it is once again time for my monthly update. Its now been 5 months since I joined and I'd like to tell you all where I'm up to.I currently have two websites under construction, the main one - has the grand total of 54 posts and pages. Whilst the secondary one has 16 posts and pages.To date I have one WA referral - unfortunately this came from a conversation I had with a friend and not any of the web
April 01, 2015
I have now been a part of the Wealthy Affiliate training program and online community for 4 months. During this time I have learned how to build a website and carry out the necessary SEO. My website now has 24 posts and 23 pages completed, along with 256 comments. Some pages are ranked on page one of Google and some are well lost in the ether. To date I have not made any referrals, however I believe that this it is only a matter of time before this statistic cha
March 14, 2015
Hello WA universe, Its no w 3 months into my Wealthy Affiliate experience and what an experience its been. As yet I haven't made any referrals so consequently no money, however I have made significant progress in the direction of riches. My website, is coming together nicely. In fact it has totally changed in terms of appearance and content quality since I first started it. Please feel free to pop over and leave a comment, I will respond to everyone. The online
Hi WA universe I would like some help in resolving an issue that seems to raising its ugly head. The purpose of website comments is to help your site SEO. Below is a couple of exerts form the Affilaite Bootcamp. I have created a thread that you can post one of the pages on your site (could be any page) and ask the folks here at Wealthy Affiliate to help you out with a comment on a page within your site. GET COMMENTS: Ask for Comments Here (Give and Take Thread) These comments are going to g
February 21, 2015
For anyone who is wondering about the support from Wealthy Affiliate should just take a few minutes to read this blog. I have recently ported a second website over the WA hosting. During which time I experienced a few problems, mainly caused by myself. However the people at support were very helpful and patient with me. Within a couple of days the transfer problems were resolved. Today (Saturday) Itried to upload a new theme for my website. During which once again I experienced problem. The upl
February 11, 2015
I have been on the Wealthy Affiliate mentoring program for just over two months now. I have spent most of my short time on the first phase of the training and building my website. However recently I started to appreciate the importance of the Online Community. I will be honest when I first started I couldn't figure out what this was all about. I now realize how invaluable it is. Everyone involved is awesome. The information and the feedback they provide is, in my opinion, best tool in the progr
January 06, 2015
Hi Folks - Hope everyone is OK. I have not been on with WA for very long, less than one month. However during that time I have received a ton of information. Classes here, classes there. It seems never ending, and shouldn't be. It can be daunting particularly for a newbie like me. I have already filled one book with notes and starting on my second. The point is information is the lifeblood of the business, so I had a very simple idea that most of you may be doing but some of you won't be. Open