Keyword Research, Authority Sites, and the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Last Update: Dec 11, 2018

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Keyword Research, Authority Sites, and the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

If you were to ask me, "In content and affiliate marketing what is the most important piece?" I would tell you Keyword Research.

Keyword research is what allows us to determine if and how we can get traffic to our website.

A website with no traffic does us no good.

Am I right?

In this article I am going to talk specifically about building authority websites, and how we use Jaaxy to do this.

Are You Ready?

The Authority Site

First let's clarify what is an Authority Website?

An authority website is a very high quality website that has earned the respect of knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has such good content that people are actually happy that they landed on and found the website and want to share it with their friends.

With that in mind, how do we accomplish this?

First, each and every piece of content (post or article) that we place on our website needs to be well-thought-out and the intent is to help others. The content needs to be accurate and appeal to people knowledgeable in the industry or niche.

Benefits of an Authority Site

Once our site gains authority we gain the following benefits:

  • Our Content Gets Indexed Quicker
  • Our Content Gets Ranked Higher Quicker
  • People Begin to Share our Content Which Results in More Traffic
  • Our Main Site Listing will Show All Related Content

Once reached an authority site will get a lot of exposure.

Post Quality and Quantity

An authority site has numerous quality articles or posts on the topic. It has been said that it takes at minimum 50 posts to have an authority site, yet, I think it actually takes hundreds (300 to 500) of quality articles or posts to have a successful authority website.

Now that we understand what an authority website is and the quantity of information that is needed. How do we ensure that we are targeting the right keywords that will bring us traffic?

The Keywords

Our authority site targets a niche. The keywords for this overall niche help the complete website to have meaning. When our visitors come to our site we want them to immediately know what our website is about.

Each individual article or post also has a single keyword or keyword phrase that defines what it is about.

It is important that we make sure all or our posts are related to our overall niche and keyword selection.

To be very clear our site has a keyword or keyword phrase that describes what it is about and our individual content pieces each have their own related keyword or keyword phrase that defines it.

We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which allows the search engines to search and find the keywords we use and determine what our website is about.

This is very important!

We need the search engines to know what are website is about, so that they can offer our content to the right people.

If we have defined the right keywords for our site and related keywords for our content the search engines should be able to easily determine this.

At first, it is hard to get our content noticed and ranked in the various search engines. This is why we do keyword research to allow us to enter the market and make sure the search engines know exactly what our website is about.

Jaaxy Our Keyword Tool

It is important to use a good keyword tool to do research. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have chosen Jaaxy as our keyword tool.

All that a good keyword tool does is allow us to research different keywords or keyword phrases and find ones that will allow us to rank our websites with.

Now that the world wide web has been around for years this has become harder and harder to do because new sites pop up each day.

We have to do good Keyword Research and make sure that we get our Website and Individual Pieces of content to rank.

Important Jaaxy Keyword Metrics

It is important now to discuss the metrics that we need to understand in order to get our website and content ranked.

The main goal of this process is to get traffic.

With that said our first two metrics have to do with traffic.

The above image will be used for the traffic metrics.

Average Traffic (Avg) - The number of total searches for our keyword

Average Traffic is the amount of traffic that is searched for overall for the specific keyword we have specified.

In our Wealthy Affiliate training we are taught to find keywords that have >10 searches (Greater than 10).

I want to clarify something here. We want a minimum of 10 searches but the most we can get and still rank. We will use the other metrics to help us determine if we can rank.

Again we want the HIGHEST amount of searches we can RANK FOR!

Traffic - Amount of traffic we can expect to our site

Notice how the traffic number is lower than average traffic. This is because the traffic metric is telling us how many searches we can get if we rank in the top position for our keyword.

I like to sort on this column so that I see the most traffic at the top and then it goes down for each keyword under it.

Again, we want to get the most traffic that we can but still be able to rank for it.

We will now cover our ranking metrics.

The above image will be used to explain Raning Metrics.

Ranking Metrics

Now that we have found keywords that have decent traffic we need to narrow down the selection to only include keywords that we can rank for.

To determine this we use QSR, KQI and SEO metrics in our Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

KQI - Keyword Quality Indicator

At first, we only want to go after keywords that are labeled as "Great" and have a green color. Later as we build authority we can go after normal and harder to rank keywords.

Exception: Our main site keyword can be in the normal range.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The SEO metric looks at how hard it will be for you to rank in the first page. It looks at both traffic and competition and gives a percentage of probability. We want this percent to be as high as possible. I like a 95% or better chance.

If you are close this is not a hard rule. The idea is that you can get on the first page or top position for each piece of content you create. So don't discount keywords just because they aren't exactly 95%. If the KQI is great and the SEO is 93%. Go ahead and review the other metrics.

This metric just helps us to see if it is possible or not. With an authority site you can make the top even if the percentage is way less than 95%. To start we want this number to be as high as possible.

QSR - Quoted Search Results

This number tells us what our competition looks like. It shows the number of sites that contain the EXACT KEYWORD PHRASE we have chosen. We need to be able to beat this number of sites. So the lower the QSR the better but again this is a rule of thumb metric.


In our chart above we have the keywords:

  • Baby Clothes
  • Designer Baby Clothes
  • Luxury Baby Clothes

Our overall site might target Baby Clothes Yes that is going to be harder to do but it has a great amount of traffic with over 31,000 visitors a month. Our site will have to be an authority site to crack the competition of 179 competing pages and we have a 71% chance of getting to the first page.

That's OK because this is a higher keyword in the "Normal" Range. We will use our authority over time to rank our whole site. Our individual pieces of content will require a more strict criteria at first.

If we look at Luxury Baby Clothes this is a good keyword for one of our content pieces. It has 139 searches a month and we can expect to see approximately 24 monthly visits to our site. Our KQI is "Great" and we stand a 94% chance of getting on the first page.

The Whole Package

What you should get from this training is that we are trying to build authority sites where we choose a topic, keyword phrase, and niche to target in general.

Next, we create quality content finding keywords that have good traffic above 10 searches a month and the more traffic the better.

And lastly, we create a massive amount of this good content. Our keywords will be varied in ones that are really easy to rank for and others that might take a bit more authority.

The combination of easy to rank keywords and then a bit harder will get us ranked quickly with the easy to rank for keywords, then as we gain authority our harder to rank keywords will kick in and then once we have built an authority site with massive content our niche keyword will eventually even rank high.

When reached all of this will result in a lot of traffic to our site which in turn gives us sales.

I know this is one of my longer posts but I see so many struggling with this one concept and when broken down it really is simple.

If I have helped you to gain a better knowledge of how you should conduct your keyword research click the LIKE button so others can see this.

Please comment below with any questions or additions.

As always I'm here to help you succeed.

- Glen B

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Thanks Glan, this is very informative and awesome.

My Pleasure!

- Glen B

Thanks Glen,
This training cleared away some of the fog in my my understanding of how to interpret the search results, and use them to get the most benefit.
You always do a great job!

Thanks Kyle Ann!

- Glen B

Glen, thank you for another great training.


My Pleasure Sonny!

- Glen B

This is a wonderful lengthy and informative post, Glen B! Thanks for providing this for us in the community! It contains a lot of analysis and metrics for using the Jaaxy keyword and niche research tool and I appreciate this much. Looking forward to seeing more of your accomplishments in the online world, friend!

Israel Olatunji

Thank You Israel!

- Glen B

This is a reference again and again. Thanks.

Thanks Debbie!

- Glen B

As usual great and very helpful post;
I didn't know before that we could opt for a website keyword with very hight competitions. Yes, I understand now the key is to choose low QSR for each individual content. And those pieces of contents will rank hight our website.
Thanks, Glen.

Overall Site Keyword can have more competition. That's because as your site gains authority it will eventually rank for the more competitive keyword.

- Glen B

Very well explained - thank you Glen! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

This is so useful Glen, thank you!
C & P

Glad to help Colette and Philip!

- Glen B

Great training Glen. It cleared up some misconceptions that I have had and should make my ranking in Google better. Thanks again.

Glad I could help Jerry!

- Glen B

Glen, nicely done again,

you have clarified that the greatest number of searches is more important than just getting the minimum. It may seem obvious yet the basic training does not emphasize this.

You've also pointed out, which I wasn't aware of or had missed, that for the MAIN SITE KEYWORD our KQI can be in the NORMAL range.


Thanks Marc,

On the main site Keyword. This is my observation. If you can find a good match for your exact niche or site that fits less of course go for that.

But in many cases your not going to find one that is broad enough to really fit even a longtail niche. That's why it's ok to go a bit broader knowing that eventually you will rank for it.

- Glen B

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