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Last Update: January 03, 2019

Now, admittedly, and like most of you - I am sure - one of the first things that appealed to me when I found WA was the fact that you could join for free. And, true to its word, WA does allow us to join for free.

But the difference between WA and other companies, who advertise free options, is that WA not only allows us to join for free, but it also offers learning and promotional material; it offers the opportunity to join into its own affiliate program; it enables us to get engaged with one of the biggest communities of online marketing gurus; and all this for FREE.

So, why should new members decide to spend money to go Premium? Why did I go Premium after less than a week?

Well, let me bring it down to one of the things I like in life: holidays.

Nowadays holidays thankfully have become so much more approachable by the mass. You no longer need to be loaded (with dosh) to be able to afford a flight or accommodation.

The UK based of you will relate quite familarly to the brand names or Ryanair or Travelodge.

These are respectively an airline and hotel brands, which offer services in their area of expertise at their basics. They expertly achieve this without having to compromise on health and safety. But you are not to expect anything more than ... basic.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fly by Ryanair regularly for my trips to Italy. Cheap and cheerful, is what I call it. But you get for what you pay.

So much so that, if you want any extra and additional service, that's when the Ryanairs or the Travelodges of this world start charging you over and above the value of the additional service required.

What am I telling you all this for? Because that's exactly why I decided to go Premium. I wanted the full package.

Yes it is true, with the Starter membership you can start your online business, and you can set up your own website... but you don't get the full extent of your learning experience. And, if you commit to building a successful business, why shouldn't you want to learn the most from the best?!?!

If you decide to have a holiday of a lifetime, will you decide to stay in a Travelodge (again, nothing against them at all!), or will you go to a posher hotel to build on a memorable experience?

So many members have posted about why we should go Premium. Well, to me my good old friend Loes has put together a wonderful video (only 1 and half minute), which summerises why we should all upgrade. Here's the link:


I hope you'll watch it, and for those of you that are not Premium yet, I hope you will upgrade to enjoy the WA experience at its fullest and at its best!!

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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Giulia, I think we all have our reasons for why we upgraded to premium, that is where our WHY comes in. I love to learn, in fact I can't get enough of it, maybe that's why my wife calls me a wealth of useless knowledge.

I remember the days of getting breakfast lunch or dinner on the airplane, now we are lucky to get a glass of Coke and a bag of peanuts. Thanks for the interesting post.
GiuliaB Premium
I am sure your wealth of knowledge is not useless at all, Donnie. Maybe we should shut both your wife and my husband in a room to let out steam on how we are all wasting our time and money in our lives. Disbelievers!! 😉😜
Eliz65 Premium
It took me a bit longer to go Premium...but I am so glad i did! Cheers, Eliza
GiuliaB Premium
I am hoping you can see the good value to what I consider to be a bargain, if you compare what you get for what you pay 😜
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Giulia,

I was not as quick as you but nearly. I celebrate this month my 2 years here and plan to stay many more.
After going Premium I went yearly. This saves you money on the 5-star treatment, I can fully recommend it.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
GiuliaB Premium
Yes, you are right, it truly is a 5 star treatment, Taetzke 👍😊
Terand Premium
Yes, Giulia!. We always go for the best! :o)
GiuliaB Premium
Oh yes we do!!! And that's why, I guess, we are here :)
Terand Premium
Lol. Yes! :o)
Funder Premium
Yes I totally agree is so helpful and thankfully not expensive Great
topic! Thank you
GiuliaB Premium
No worries, Nicole. and I agree, sooo not expensive for the high value learning and tools you get in return!!