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Last Update: June 13, 2014

What a journey. There is so much to learn and do that sometimes I get overwhelmed and can't get out of my own way. I've lagged a bit getting my website built out and find it frustrating that I'm having a challenge staying on point and making sure I have everything on my site that I need to get exposure and activity.

I could use some advice, suggestions, directions about my site .... whatever you want to toss out. I know I have to get some illustrations up, and that is a challenge. I'm not sure what ones to include that make sense with my content.

I also know that I have an issue with my Home page which I had to bring back into the menu in order for my Blog page to work. The article on the Home page is identical to the one on the "Getting Started" page. My original thought was that I would use the Getting Started page as my static page. I guess I could just delete the article on the Getting Started page. What do you think?

I'd like to know if my content is redundant from article to article.

Is my content going in the right direction for helping beginners get started?

Should I be adding a WA banner to each page?

As I said, any suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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judebanks Premium
Ginger, first let me say that you have the beginnings of a great site. I like your theme, and your site looks professional and credible.

I read your About page - and I enjoyed reading it...BUT...

I recommend that you rewrite it to focus on your visitor. It's fine to use one paragraph to tell them a little about yourself. But all the rest should be about your visitor, what's in it for them if they visit your site, what information, tips and advice you are going to deliver to them.

Give them a reason to want to come back to your site. You do a good job near the end where you say, "If you can dream it... I’m here to help you through your journey".

Another example:

"I proceeded to go down one money sucking rabbit hole after another. following the so-called golden gurus..."

You can say the same thing, but rephrase it to include the visitor, as if you are speaking directly to that person:

"Have you ever felt like you are going down one money sucking rabbit hole after another....I know exactly how you feel. That's why I created this website, to help you avoid that fate...

See how I've pulled in reader. It is no longer just about you - it is about them now.

It's fine to talk about your own experience, but always relate it to the reader, e.g. "You may have had a similar experience or know someone who has..."

Keep adding content. You write well and engagingly. ~ Jude
GingerRatsep Premium
Thanks Jude, for the great comments and suggestions. I'll get right on the rewrite. - Ginger
GingerRatsep Premium
Hi Jude, I did a rewrite on the "about" page. Would you mind taking a look at it and letting me know if I got it right. BTW, I "borrowed" your suggested "Have you ever.....". Hope you don't mind. Thanks - Ginger
judebanks Premium
Excellent, Ginger. So much better. Now the focus is on your reader. Well done. ~ Jude
ExpatMark Premium
Great comments. Very informative and pertinent to where I am in this WA journey.
judebanks Premium
Glad it helped you, Mark.:-)
jmaurice Premium
without looking at your site I would first take a step back from your computer and take a breath. Remember what you came here to do and why. And as you do your lessons compare your work to them, and if it passes that test, don't second guess yourself. When you judge your work look at your work and what you like about it and the things you don't will pop out. stay positive and tell yourself this is a means to an end good luck
GingerRatsep Premium
Thanks.... I've been glued to my computer for a few days and my brain doesn't turn off at night sometimes. I'm a perfectionist and it makes it difficult, sometimes to move forward. You have offered up some words of wisdom that I really need to pay attention to. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. - Ginger
bazboy247 Premium
Hello some suggestions

1. Put you photograph on the side bar make your website more human they need to see who is talking to them

Teach them something like Wordpres tips or marketing tips lots of people find Wordpress scary so do some blog posts on this and include some you tube videos
Add value to people don't just create a giant advert for WA

Your website is called how to succeed so teach them, give something away like Wordpress training help them overcome their fear
Everybody wants to see videos so get some you tube videos on your site just embed them
There are lots on marketing and Wordpress available its free so use it

Give away first then sell

GingerRatsep Premium
Thanks Barry for your recommendations. I have to get my picture sorted out. Glad to know that I can just go grab a video to use. I'm not good with creating that kind of content.

Ultimately, I think one of my main problems is that I don't have a whole lot of knowledge coming in here so everything takes research and learning first before I feel comfortable teaching. Thought I was going in the wrong direction so I changed my site name to "A Beginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing". Wondering if I'm just going in the wrong direction. - Ginger
GingerRatsep Premium
Barry, I also wanted to let you know that I went back to your post that you shared your mind mapping process and downloaded "Xmind". Wow, what a great program. So easy to use. Even shared it with my daughter who is going into her junior year in college.

I plan to write an article about using this tool.

Barry, you are a wealth of great information. Thanks for all you do for our community. - Ginger
Graham90 Premium
I think the content is good. Ofc it's going to be a little redundant due to the recurring themes of internet marketing, success steps, self-improvement, etc... You could work on being a bit more creative with topics, examples, etc.. to provide some variety that will keep users subscribed/coming back/hooked.

Other than that, a few things:
-use some more images in your posts. Pixabay.com is a great resource that I use to get free, quasi-stock quality images.
-I don't know if you're using headers to break up your text, but change the blue font that you're using as section headers and either use an H2 or H3 tag if you aren't already or just change the font. It just doesn't look that nice.

You've got a good site, and I'm sure you'll begin seeing more results soon!


GingerRatsep Premium
Thanks, Graham, for checking out my site.

I am using H3 for the section headers. Don't know if I can change the font style as I don't seem to have that option on my tool bar. I can change the color (red?) and maybe use italics.

Will check out Pixabay and work on changing up my articles.

Your comments have been helpful. - Ginger