Trouble with Ewww Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Last Update: October 06, 2016

I upgraded this plugin on my site this evening and it caused a HTTP ERROR 500 so it was inaccessible. If you have this plugin installed, you might be wise to remove it and find another plugin for image compression.

Here is the response from site support:

"After investigation we found that the plugin Ewww image optimize update has caused issues for your website leading it not to function normally. We have disabled the plugin and your site works fine now.

We also checked logs and found an error relating to the plugin which is as follows;

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting :: (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM)...

We suggest you to contact the plugin developer before activating the plugin on your site again."

It just so happens TopAchiever recommended another plugin today so I will try that one.

Thank you for reading!


P.S. I sent a message to Ewww Image Optimizer support to let them know about the trouble.

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JeanBrickley Premium
Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your troubles.
GinaGo Premium
Hi Jean, You are welcome. Support is great, so it was no trouble really. Have a great day! ~Gina
halinphilly Premium
Yeah, I've dealt with my share of incompatible plugins. It could be another plugin, it could be the Wordpress theme you're using. The internet is full of little pot holes. Keep on navigating and try not to step in too many.
GinaGo Premium
Hi Hal, Every once in a while I run into a problem with one. I try to be careful. "Pot holes" is right!
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for the warning and info :)
GinaGo Premium
Hi Rika, You are welcome. ~Gina
onmyownterms Premium
If you use a Windows machine, there is a great little app called PixResizer - all it does is resize images. You could do that prior to uploading them into WordPress.
GinaGo Premium
Thanks! I will check it out. ~Gina