LinkedIn Ad Results & Improving Bounce Rate


Hello fellow WA'ers. Just a quick update on a LinkedIn ad I ran a little bit back and an attempt to lower my bounce rate.

First, the LinkedIn ad was a complete failure. I had $50.00 free to put on it so I ran an ad for my Jaaxy Review. The system of ad creation on LinkedIn is complicated (in my opinion) compared to other social sites like Facebook. That may be a good thingand I just don't know how to use it effectively, yet.

You have the option of paying per click, or for impressions (and let the ad work on its own merits). I chose the latter. After 3 days and 15,000 impressions, I hadn't a single click. So I stopped the ad at $30.00 spent.

I'll have to revisit LinkedIn ads and try to learn a bit more before next time.

Now for bounce rate.

I followed a quick and easy traning by Lynne Huy on how to add clickable images to my sidebar (sorry Loes and Marion).

She recommends Canva and I used Pixlr editor, which I'm more familiar with.

Now I have several images with links that lead to my fishing rod and reel reviews in my side bar.

I also added text to these images using Pixlr editor. It's pretty easy to learn and there is a training here about it.

Anyways that was just yesterday so I'll give it a few days to get back to you.

I'm finally getting enough traffic that the results will be easy to see. One way or the other.

Best of wishes. Keep at it. Don't quit on yourself.


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Thanks for the review. It is nice to hear honest reviews when something doesn't work well! It makes things seem more real to hear the bad along with the good. Thanks!

I have a personal (professional) LinkedIn account but have done nothing with it for business. If I do I will stick to posting not buying ads!

If I figure out a better way to use them, I'll tell. The bad teaches us so much more than the good results.

Very interesting Geoff. I know Paul has been finding a lot of success with LinkedIn. I look forward to your report back on your progress.

Sure thing. Thanks for joining. :)

Thats really interesting Geoff. I'm finding LinkedIn rather complicated too :)

Well I'll keep posting if I learn more.

Please do :)

I do not have anything on Linkedin. So after all, is it worth starting something there? I have an account but this was earlier, did it for my scientific life (and, in fact, never used).

About those images in the sidebar. There is a plugin for that purpose and many are using it, Marcus among others, you can see in his site. It looks really good.

Earlier, I used YARP which adds attractive related-post images on the bottom, after removing it, my bounce rate did not change at all, so obviously it was useless in the first place.

Hey JV. I really have to do more research to be able to say if LinkedIn ads are worth it. Maybe somebody else knows better than me?
But I do add my posts to LinkedIn and get traffic from that.
I'll have to check out that pligin. Do you know if it lets you add text?
I like having the ability to put CLICK HERE! on those images.
Hope you've been well. :)

I like you Jovo, had an account for a few years on LinkedIn that I never used. Only the other day I started updated my profile again.

However, our friend Paul Goodwin and others in my circle have recently convinced me that I'm passing up on A GREAT platform for engaging our fans and driving traffic to the website.

Also I needed to use Linked In to contact old clients who gave us 5 start testimonials so they can list their 5 star reviews of us on Yelp, Wedding Wire, The Knot, and other local directories

I wonder if there is a way to open another account, I am willing to try it, but it must be separate from what I have now, those are just physicists, cannot mix things.

All is fine, thank you.

So there is traffic, this is what counts. Have to do something about it.

You can see it in Marcus' profile, here is a screenshot I just made there. So there are icons and text links.

I give example from yet another site, not sure which plugin this is, or just the theme, can give you the link in PM.

That looks ok. I think the ones I did manually look just as good. The plugin may be a timesaver. I hate to add them if I can avoid it.

Sure you can, just use a different name - a pseudonym.

Yea I think Jet has you covered.

Then it is time to become a John or Ian. Thank you.

Yes, I work in natural resource management for the State of Alaska. I would have to get a totally separate account set up!

I don't why I thought of this, but check out the tv show Fortitude. It's an Amazon show. Starts slow and gets really good.

Thanks for the tip!

It has a very Alaskan like setting.

Nice progress. Looking forward to hear more.
Yes, I heard LinkedIn ads are complicated, you were right to stop the campaign after 15k impressions and cut your losses.

Well it was a free coupon but still. It didn't make sense to continue.
LinkedIn actually paid me 5 bucks afterwards for taking a short survey. Seems they are aware of the issues and looking for feedback on how to make it better.

Thanks for joining the (starting the) coversation.

You made a profit, nice!

Not only that, but by stopping at $30, you still have $20 to the future.

Lol. We get good at that don't we?

Yeah, I'm poor, I have to!

You row on the left, I'll take the right.

Left side taken!

K. Let me know if you want to switch. Lol.

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