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Is this an inviting intro when you're seeking help? Does it make you want to offer your valuable time when you do know the answer? What about indexing? Does it create an atmosphere that would encourage others to join WA? For myself not so much. Thoughts? All comments are welcome. :)
Hello fellow WA'ers. Just a quick update on a LinkedIn ad I ran a little bit back and an attempt to lower my bounce rate.First, the LinkedIn ad was a complete failure. I had $50.00 free to put on it so I ran an ad for my Jaaxy Review. The system of ad creation on LinkedIn is complicated (in my opinion) compared to other social sites like Facebook. That may be a good thingand I just don't know how to use it effectively, yet.You have the option of paying per click, or for impressions (and let the
Well I got $50.00 free from LinkedIn so I fugured why not. I came up with a catchy headline, borrowed the Jaaxy image, and ended up with a nice ad. I set it to impression instead of ppc hoping it will call out on its own. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep y'all updated.
April 20, 2017
Just got an email from the creator of AMP for WP. They added a call to action option. Read here for more info.
Internet marketing will make you crazy! Hours upon hours of writing and learning with nothing to see for it. Many never make any further than that. My younger days of wanting immediate results cements an understanding of their behavior. I don't blame them, for I was the same way. I failed to see the value of putting time into activities that didn't give me something I wanted right now.Life forces change and I'm not anymore immune to that truth than anyone else. However, seeing the value inheren
Hello good ladies and fine gentlemen. Most of the work I do is writing for other websites but I've been helping a new client develop content strategy for blogs. Would you like to earn some extra cash writing?His company mainly does on and off page SEO for business websites that want to have better rankings. Many of his existing clients have started seeing the value of a blog and have asked him to add one to their sites.So he brought me in to help develop the strategy. This includes keyword sele
February 11, 2017
Does anyone at WA do Content Strategy? I have a client that wants strategy for one of his clients with a real estate website. I got some good ideas from searching the net. Any additions might help. How about my presentation. ???
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The Green Bars Are The SalesI wanted to check in real quick, especially for you beginners wondering whether or not Wealthy Affiliate works. Above is a snapshot of the last month of my Amazon affiliate account. It might not be huge, but I'm pretty dern proud of it.You can see the long blue bar which was actually my first sale. It was a fishing rod that I wrote a review on. It made page 1 a month or so after publishing and sits there still. The other 2 short blue bars are incidental sales that ha
Ok so after I installed SSL my site takes twice as long to load. Even after uninstalling SSL I still have redirects slowing my site. The tradeoff isn't worth no one coming to my site. I'd like to hear similar experiences if they have happened and what you did to fix it. I may move my site to different hosting if I can't find the answer, which would make me consider if staying with WA is even worth it.
4It took me a year working my main job and building two websites but I finally made my first Amazon sale +....The Amazon Acceptance Email Came ThroughI ended up selling a $300 dollar fishing rod which gave me a $12.00 commission at the lowest 4%. Only 6 more sales and the percent goes up. I hadn't put a post on the site for a couple months as I've been working mostly for others and on my bootcamp site. I started adding reel reviews and they're almost all going directly to page 1. I think having