I'm going to take a break but Bless WA!

Last Update: April 11, 2016

Hello, Sweet WA members. I have just answered all my emails and read all the posts. I have had a long day and have pushed myself too much in the past 11 days. That's how long I've been at WA. I am in course 2. lesson 7 and have taken the first Bootcamp class. I have decided to take one day a week to concentrate on Bootcamp because it will get me out of the rut of the "Getting Started" lessons and force me to slow down and think about things. I had set a goal to get at least 100 followers a week because that seemed to be something important to do. I have tried to follow everyone I can and follow anyone who follows me. As of today, I have 261 followers. The day I started my rank was 4544. Once it rose to a much higher number than that, but the next time I looked at it, it had gone down again. Today it was showing as 1207. Now, I still don't know the full meaning or i,pact of these numbers but it is encouraging that they are moving so quickly--especially since my website is a disaster right now and I have not gotten anything in place to make any profit. There is profit is all the assistance and good will among the WA members, though. They really help to keep me motivated. I am very tired today so I am going to give myself a break for a change and stop pushing so hard. I will complete lesson 7 tomorrow after answering all the emails and reading all the posts. Wow, If I have so many, I can only imagine what Kyle and some of the more established members have to deal with! Bless them! They have given us all so much.

Goodnight all, See you tomorrow afternoon.


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NWTDennis Premium
Most veterans here (and Kyle) will say it's not a good idea to do the Certification Training (the top left Green Tab) and the Bootcamp Training (top left Black Tab) at the same time. The basic affiliate marketing training is the same. One focuses on building a niche site of your choice and the other focuses on building a WA Affiliate Marketing website.

Another recommendation WA veterans will make is to not get swept up in the community action excessively. You may think this is an obligation, but it really is not. Changing your email Account Settings will give you some relief from in basket over load. Use the WA search bar to find how others have dealt with this over load.

This learning process is not a race ... it's a marathon. So yes ... take a break. You want to stay healthy and engaged for the long haul.
slm75006 Premium
Jeanie, you are an inspiration! Look how much you have accomplished since you joined! I am so impressed! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy a cup of tea! :)

I see that you have a beautiful cat. I love kitties as well. Very pleased to meet you here. I've had so many ups and downs since I first joined (lots of distractions in my personal life). I think I will take a page out of your book: work hard then give myself a well deserved break in between. I have six websites in the pipeline and all of them are works in progress. None of them are actually functioning yet.

What I love best about WA is the community of like-minded, positive people! You are doing great! :)
Genie3733 Premium
Wow, Six! I had 4 or 5 in mind when I started but Kyle said to concentrate on one at a time. I think that was good advice. I did start a second one through the Bootcamp training but it is definitely on the back burner and not close to ready. I have all the ideas and everything in place for my primary website but I can't get my privacy policy on my page, I don't know how to embed my affiliate links and there are times that I am unable to add content to my pages because it won't let me edit. If it were not for those things, I could have my site going and funded, I am hoping this week to find some answers to those issues and get my site going.
Thanks for the kind words. I hope you get what you need to get your sites together. What are your niches?
My cat is named Friendly--he is the big fluffy one. The others have passed away. The picture of him in the sink was when he was a kitten. He is 17 years old now.
Have a wonderful day!
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
I am a week behind with email! I get so much each day and only have so much time at night after work to look at it, that I just can't keep up. But, the email is how I learn and get motivation, along with the training at WA. So I will continue to look at and answer email as I can.
johnmcge972 Premium
I have been hitting it pretty hard too, but have managed to work on my website here and there. Had gotten buried in e-mails so am responding to them and finding out different things, in the comments. I get working here and lose track of time, will be nice, when I start getting some money coming in, but until then, will keep on going.
Genie3733 Premium
I hear you loud and clear.
JavierLopez Premium
No need to rush! You've achieved so much in such a short space of time. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a treat. And come back with a more relaxed schedule so you don't burn out!
Mike-Writes Premium
Enjoy your break, Jeanie. Nothing like coming back refreshed and recharged. :)
MKearns Premium
Taking breaks is good and I am noticing that the more you contribute, the less you fall back during a pause in rankings.
KatieMac Premium
It can be overwhelming with so much information, however it does become easier and taking breaks is something you need to , going steady is a good way to go
JaniceNichol Premium
Hi Genie, I totally agree with you. It is overwhelming at what we have to learn. I only can work like three days a week because of everything going on in my life. I'm only on Course 1, Lesson 10, which I guess I'll get to tomorrow. I'm going out with my friends tonight to see the little gal that performed at our wedding perform at a local coffee house. Don't burn yourself out. I know how you feel about wanting to get through everything a soon as we can, and the emails are overwhelming. It takes me half the day to get through them. Take care and good luck. If you have any questions, just ask. Somebody will help you. Could possibly be me. I have answered a few questions, which really makes me happy. Have a wonderful day.
TGrisaft Premium
Enjoy and take care
VicC Premium
Take it easy, Jeanie, health always come first! Take care! :D
Chrissies Premium
Hi Jeanie, Have a really good break - everyone should do that now and again.
Good luck
Chrissie :)
SPapp Premium
It's good to take a break. Information overload. Let it digest. Take care.
Nazmi524 Premium
Oh Jeanie please take a break each work. Our brain and body need the rest to write good contents. Take care please.
JudeP Premium
You can only do so much at a time - be kind to yourself. It will all come together soon, I promise :)
feigner Premium
hi jeanie, learn how to pace yourself, have goals but be prepared to change them. if you find it very tough then back off a bit. it's not a race. yes it's good to get the web site out there but your health is more important.
good luck with the boot camp.
take it easy and enjoy yourself

RaeAnnePond Premium
Hello Jeanie,

Those ranking numbers will drive you crazy. And remember that the internal numbers don't make a hill of beans if you aren't making money with your website. It's great to make the ranking, I understand that. Just remember to focus on your website with the momentum you have and you'll be a star in no time!
Ericabried Premium
Have a good break and you will come back refreshed and raring to go again!
Loes Premium
Success Jeanie, I just empty my mailbox every day and start over again with the new incoming emails:)) You get used to the fact you can't read everything, then you need an assistant to do so.
theresroth Premium
Thanks for the reminder, Jeanie, and please never feel guilty about not answering back!
If I fall behind on my mails, I will sometimes add a short note of thanks to everyone in my network on my personal profile.
Those who are looking for me urgently and I know nothing about it, then have a chance to read why....
Hope this relieves you somewhat as well.....
wreed Premium
have a beauty full wonder full wondrous day
Twoods Premium
Have a nice rest
Buddle Premium
One HAS to take breaks, Jeanie, or one will collapse!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Jeanie, wow great progress, don't forget to make some Jeanie time.
judebanks Premium
Hello Jeanie, you might be trying to do too much.

Did you know that you can change your notifications in your Account settings to reduce the number of emails you receive?

Go here and scroll down that page:

De-select or un-tick anything that is not a priority for you now. You ca always change it later.

And you really don't have to reply to every post and email....lol.

Rean Premium
Great post.. keep up the good work..Enjoy your rest.
TheresaDavis Premium
Thanks Jennie you post is inspiration to me.
wreed Premium
having fun yet
halinphilly Premium
Yeah... sounds like you could use a break all right. Well, enjoy some alone time and do something relaxing and fun for yourself. Don't spend all of it catching up on laundry and housecleaning, either. Give yourself the gift of a nice break and WA and the rest if us will still be here to welcome you when you return.
TomMoore Premium
Wonderful post Jeanie. I can't speak for the other members who read your posts, but to me you are an inspiration! Take a break and re-energize, then come back more fired up than usual. Everyone will appreciate it.
Sheila50 Premium
Take some time for yourself!
Don't push too hard or you. Will burn yourself out!
Remember, one day at a time and it is not a race!
Hope you get a goodnight sleep and are fresh tomorrow!
Martstervt Premium
Have a good rest..........Marty
WY1 Premium
Good night and God bless you Jeanie
PSheridan Premium
Good night Jeanie