I'm going to take a break but Bless WA!

Last Update: April 11, 2016

Hello, Sweet WA members. I have just answered all my emails and read all the posts. I have had a long day and have pushed myself too much in the past 11 days. That's how long I've been at WA. I am in course 2. lesson 7 and have taken the first Bootcamp class. I have decided to take one day a week to concentrate on Bootcamp because it will get me out of the rut of the "Getting Started" lessons and force me to slow down and think about things. I had set a goal to get at least 100 followers a week because that seemed to be something important to do. I have tried to follow everyone I can and follow anyone who follows me. As of today, I have 261 followers. The day I started my rank was 4544. Once it rose to a much higher number than that, but the next time I looked at it, it had gone down again. Today it was showing as 1207. Now, I still don't know the full meaning or i,pact of these numbers but it is encouraging that they are moving so quickly--especially since my website is a disaster right now and I have not gotten anything in place to make any profit. There is profit is all the assistance and good will among the WA members, though. They really help to keep me motivated. I am very tired today so I am going to give myself a break for a change and stop pushing so hard. I will complete lesson 7 tomorrow after answering all the emails and reading all the posts. Wow, If I have so many, I can only imagine what Kyle and some of the more established members have to deal with! Bless them! They have given us all so much.

Goodnight all, See you tomorrow afternoon.


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TomMoore Premium
Wonderful post Jeanie. I can't speak for the other members who read your posts, but to me you are an inspiration! Take a break and re-energize, then come back more fired up than usual. Everyone will appreciate it.
Sheila50 Premium
Take some time for yourself!
Don't push too hard or you. Will burn yourself out!
Remember, one day at a time and it is not a race!
Hope you get a goodnight sleep and are fresh tomorrow!
Martstervt Premium
Have a good rest..........Marty
WY1 Premium
Good night and God bless you Jeanie
PSheridan Premium
Good night Jeanie