Successful SWAG and Digging It

Last Update: February 08, 2018

I can't believe it is only mid-week and how much I have to show for it. It is not bragging to be sure; it's more like shaking my head in disbelief. Perhaps, as a result of being a part of the amazingly energetic SWAG, maybe it has to do with getting the information that our financing for Tall Pines Inn in Eureka Springs, AR was approved, or perhaps because it's below zero with 12 inches of snow and I just have "cabin fever."

So far I have:

  • My new domain/website for SWAG. I started a little skeptical, but after some structure work and a new logo I really "dig" it. LOL :)
  • I feel great about my niche for SWAG and how I, at least, want to start targeting my audience. I have some brainstorming to do, but I am speaking from my heart, so in a way, I feel connected to the audience I want to reach.
  • I have one post done and another in the works. One review down and another in the works.
  • Effective use of keywords has always been a struggle for me. I have listened to several keyword trainings, including the Jaaxy training. I have started building myself new keyword lists that will serve me through this project. I am gradually feeling more confident. Thank you, Kyle, for the excellent training!
  • I completed phase 1 of Bootcamp, and now I'm moving on to lesson 6 of Phase 2.
  • I have created several new templates, in SiteContent: Privacy Policy, About Me, Reviews VRS #1 and #2, Post #1
  • I finally got somewhat caught up on WA emails ; - /

A Few Successes Even

  • I wrote a new post for my main website and did some topic research for future posts. I still need to keep that site moving forward. I have finally started to get decent traffic, and most of my posts hit Page 1 on Google. Thank you to everyone who has visited and left comments. You are greatly appreciated!! :)
  • I have bloggers reaching out to me to link and connect. How cool is that!

  • My personal goal was to learn Instagram and see what it could do for me. I am amazed how much traffic I have built on Instagram. Not sure if this is what has accounted for the increased traffic on my site, but it has gone hand in hand. I am becoming a fan!

The rest of the week I will focus on writing... writing... writing... Quality!


Have a beautiful, fun-loving week. Happy thoughts only!


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sdawson Premium
Michelle, you are definitely doing wonderful and have gotten a lot accomplished. I've yet to get into instagram, but know I should. I'm putting that on my list for this next week. - Shirley
Frenchfries5 Premium
Thank you Shirley! I got a little frustrated with Instagram and everyone I know does but now I'm hooked. A fellow WA'er introduced me to the PC based app Gramblr and it is "fun"
laurenjean Premium
Wowee Michelle! You are barrelling ahead!! Well done on all your accomplishments! Just checked out your new site (it looks gorgeous) and left you a comment on your About Me page. Hope it went through. Add a picture of you on your About Me page?
Frenchfries5 Premium
Yes, will do!! Thank you!
haroda Premium
Good job!!! It is great to hear successes. Keep up the great work.
Frenchfries5 Premium
Thank you, doing what I can!!! It's a little crazy right now!
iJared Premium
Frenchfries5 Premium
Thank you!!
MKearns Premium
WOW! I'm ecstatic your funding was approved Michelle
That makes my day. Tell me more! :))
Frenchfries5 Premium
I will send you more info on Tall Pines and I'll have to share with WA with a few pics. We are very excited. Thanks Mike!