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October 17, 2018
Life at Tall Pines Inn has been sweet and demanding - and lovingit!I cannot believe that I have not jumped in here since February.I have been caught in a whirlwind of sorts. Taking on cabin lodging of 14cabins with 21 units has been an undertaking that we could not have anticipated. Parts of it have come easy and other parts seem insurmountable. Certainly more questions than answers!Check us out on TripAdvisor and our success is apparent - for mereading TripAdvisor is like needing to pinch myse
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February 22, 2018
Hello fellow WA'ers! I am waiting on a new ISP but for now I have to work off of my Hot Spot and I'm in the Ozarks. Eureka Springs is pretty much in a hole so connectivity is not the best. Please be patient with me!! Last night I could not connect and this morning the connection is more cooperative. We are scheduled to close our sale of Tall Pines Inn on March 1. So far, so good, but we have a lot of work to do. I look forward to sharing a few pictures with you. Our property includes a 4-plex a
February 08, 2018
I can't believe it is only mid-week and how much I have to show for it. It is not bragging to be sure; it's more like shaking my head in disbelief. Perhaps, as a result of being a part of the amazingly energetic SWAG, maybe it has to do with getting the information that our financing for Tall Pines Inn in Eureka Springs, AR was approved, or perhaps because it's below zero with 12 inches of snow and I just have "cabin fever."So far I have:My new domain/website for SWAG. I started a little skepti
FAITHHave the Faith of a Mustard Seed. Grow this tiny seed into an impressive grand tree worthy of awe and respect! When you look in the mirror...And see beyond yourself.Many of us exist on Faith every day not being able to grasp the meaning. Faith is believing in something even though you can not prove it's existence or it's outcomes.There are many members here because we have "faith" that Wealthy Affiliate will give us a preferred path than the one we were on previously.When you have faith th
January 25, 2018
6 Ways to Maximize Images in PostsPictures can be distracting!You have heard it and you live it. You should add lots of images to your post - less is more, unless it's adding images to a post. Right? Not so fast.Sure your knee jerk reaction is to think that lots of images convert better. The more bight bold images you can stack your website with the better your sales will be, the more authority your site will gain, and the more traffic your site will have.If a picture paints a thousand words, w
CPU Flaw - Spectre AND Meltdown Don't Be Caught With Your Guard DownYour computer's processor, the most important component you likely never think about, maybe under attack right now - take action if you haven't already! Two new vulnerabilities considered processor flaws, identified on January 3rd, may leave your computer at risk for security attacks. They go by the names, Spectre and Meltdown.If you aren't aware, your processor is the most vital component of your computer. Why, you ask? The p
Customers? We all have them! Yes, it's true, believe it or not, we all have customers in some form. I say in "some form" because we don't always recognize our customers. If you work with others, promote anything, or if you sell any article, you have customers. So, the point I'm making is each of you can benefit from fine-tuning your customer service skills. Yes - this information is not wasted on anyone!Here are my tips handling upset customers. I'm talking from my eight or so years of working
January 08, 2018
Do you monitor your website performance? To be truthful, initially, I didn't give my site a lot of thought until I started having a lot of trouble. I began investigating different articles and tools, like Webmaster Tools, on performance and found some fascinating information.One article I read from Google brought up an excellent point; Don't sit back and complain about how your site doesn't bring in traffic and how Google is blocking it, when YOU may very well be the reason your site doesn't ra
January 07, 2018
If you do only one thing for your "business" in 2018, buy this book:The title is simply "Mary Kay," published in 1981, and it is a real testament to the pure genius this woman was in business. I recommend it to you because every one of you manage your own business first and foremost. We get caught up in talking much about websites, themes, SEO, Google, images, posts,etc..... but how frequently do we spend time working on the business we operate? If you can absorb and live by the principles this
December 27, 2017
New Year: Anyone Can Have a Chance for a Do-OverThe New Year for many of us is like hitting the reset button. Everyone knows the unwelcome site of a browser that just won't open. We sit and watch that little gray circle spin and spin - ugh - so frustrating. Many will give up and shut down, reset the router, reboot the computer, or a combination of the above depending on how desperate you feel. We do the same come New Year's Eve. For many of us, we see it as one big ritual to hit the reset butto