I Just Gotta Say It!​

Last Update: March 15, 2014

I Appreciate You All!

I'd just like to say a heartfelt thank you to all my fellow WA members who've taken the time to help me out, follow me, and given me advice. This is why I love being here and I'm proud to be a member of such an awesome community.

The support of the community here, and Kyle & Carson is just amazing! A few days ago, when I was having problems logging in to my site, I was getting verrry frustrated to say the least. I didn't know what was going on with it! I'm just glad nobody else was around the house to hear me, lol.

Then I realized that all I had to do was take the advice I've been telling others...

ASK Someone!

and quit threatening your computer....it doesn't do any good anyways! Believe me, I tried, lol.

It made me feel so much better, knowing that there were people that I could ask for help. So, that's what I did. It was nice to hear from people even if they didn't know the exact answer except to send a Support Ticket.

And sure enough, it got fixed! It's been working fine and dandy again! WOOHOO!

Even one of the owners, Carson, replied back later that day. Plus, Kyle sent a PM reply back later too. I know both Carson and Kyle are ridiculously busy! They've got to be! I really don't know how they do it, since I have difficulty finding time to work on my site or even following people back! (I do like to check out the profiles first and leave a comment to anyone I follow back.)

This is Why I Chose WA!

and why I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to do internet marketing or own their own business. It's not just that there's so much to learn here, it's the community! There's always someone willing to help or at least give advice and support.

You're Not Alone!

So, to those just starting out here, if you're not sure about something, or are having problems with something, just ask. Sure, sometimes it may take awhile for someone to answer, but usually people do.

If not, ask again or give more details about what you're having trouble with. Please be patient, anything worthwhile takes time. It's also important to follow others and be active here. The more people that know you here, the more likely that you'll get an answer sooner. Anyways, that's what I feel works.

Thanks again, Kyle & Carson for making WA such an awesome place to be, and thank you to all my fellow WA'ers!

So, how has your experience been here? I'd love to hear what you think.

Wishing you all the best!

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CharlotteH39 Premium
thats so funny..."threatening the computer". If i didnt need my so much, it would be in the trash. I know the feeling of being frustrated, but the good thing about frustration is that it shows how much you are in to what you are doing. (who's going to get frustrated over something they dont care about, right?)
My experience here has bee awesome. I'm coming up on one month on the 25th and feel like i been here for years. I love it!
I hope you succeed at all that you aim to accomplish.
Much success to you,
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Charlotte,
Very true! I wouldn't have been so frustrated if I didn't care about it and the thing that made me even madder was that I had planned on working on my site all day and getting a lot done.

Lol, I know I threatened to throw mine in the trash that day, among a few other terrible fates, but I also know I need my computer too much to do that either.

Great to hear you've had an awesome experience here so far! That's why I've been here as long as I have and I'm not planning on going anywhere either.

Best wishes in your success too, Charlotte!
:) -Sherry
jko2013 Premium
This place is wonderful! Whenever I have a question or problem I just post it and at least 2-3 people respond within hours!! I am very grateful for everyone's willingness to help.
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Jill,
I'm glad to hear from you! It's good to hear you're getting the answers to your questions. I don't think I'd get anywhere if it wasn't for the people that are willing to help. :)
mama2karsten Premium
Glad your problem got solved… when you need it, someone always comes through...
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi mama2karsten,
I am too, lol. There's always someone that will answer and help out. That's one of the things I love about WA! Nice to hear from you, BTW!
Trialynn Premium
My experience here has been great! I love the help, I love helping and plenty of that has been offered here. It truly is a wonderful place!
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Terea,
Great to hear! Yes, it certainly is wonderful and that's why I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Kav Premium
Thank you for being part of the team.
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Kav,

You're welcome and thank you for reading! :)