The Prize

Last Update: December 15, 2018

We are all trying to capture the prize. I think that maybe some of us think about it differently than others and perhaps the "prize" is defined differently as well.

I am not saying or implying that I have all the answers, truth be told I feel I have way more questions than anything, but I know what I think. I think that we are all in training here in WA, at various stages and going at our own paces. I think that perhaps some of us require more training than others and some seem to grasp it all so easily. That makes no one else any "better" than any one else, it only makes us different.

Furthermore I know what I believe. I believe that sometimes people get a bit confused about the prize, the goal of being here. Some of the people here seem to be so focused on the making of money that they miss that we are actually here for freedom, first and formost. Money is a vehicle and it is nice to have that, but it is only what will take us to our destianation. That destination is freedom. Freedom from alarm clocks. Freedom from bosses. Freedom from bills. Freedom from debt collectors. There is a huge, long list of freedoms that we can attain from building a passive income stream. We are learning how to do just that right here in this wonderful place called Wealthy Affialiate.

Sorry, I hope I didn't step on any toes and I do NOT want to offend, I just get the impression that some of the people here are being a bit near sighted sometimes and I want to try to help sort that out if I can. I think and believe that we are all wanting the very same things, we all want to be free 4 life.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Frank and Tina,
I feel we are all searching for that freedom but some don't know what freedom truly is. I'm glad you defined it for us!!

Tried and True

CMbabazi Premium
True, we all need freedom in the long run though it comes at a cost- persistence and patience
TommyVTE Premium
indeed well said the destination is freedom having enough money by passive income to maintain a lifestyle your happy with is, in my opinion, being rich.

Thanks for sharing
Marley2016 Premium
This is a very good post and I feel that you are correct in the
way you are looking at this. I know that I started this training
in hopes to make money online and by that, I do not mean
becoming a millionaire just to make enough to live my life
comfortably and not have to worry about bills or anything else
for that matter.
So to be free is the best way of looking at why I am here
setting me free of the way I have had to live most of my
life always worrying.
Susan :)
T15 Premium
You makes some good points. To be successful you need to know what success looks like "for you". You must have a "success vision" that you are committed to. That keeps you focused and helps you push through the times when you get stuck.