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August 30, 2019
I seriously cannot believe that it has been a year already. We have had our ups and downs. So far we have made a little money, not life changing, but enough to be encouraging. We have 102 posts (now), 5.7K in our network. We were down to 73 at one point and have just broke the 200 mark again in the last few days.I was asked recently what have been the milestones in this year journey so far here at WA. The answer is that we have learned to go at a good pace, not race. It can make you sick and e
August 25, 2019
If you want to be more successful and be able to build an online business, then you have to adapt the attitude to get ahead. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to do it no matter what the cost. You need to do it the right way, the moral and ethical way.You are reading this, which means that you are in the best place to learn how to build a successful business. Here at WA the lines are clearly drawn in order that we (the students) do not easily go astray. Carson and Kyle have laid it all out in fr
July 20, 2019
Life will always throw you curve balls. Sometimes they will be a death of a loved one, other times it will be a bounced check. No matter what the situation, you can choose to be successful. Tina and I have had quite a few obstacles in our path for what seems to be a ridiculous period now. They vary from illness to a bitter ex who has made it his purpose in life to cause us misery. The options are not all that many in our minds though. We know what we want and we know that WA offers it. We have
You can busy yourself every minute of every day, but get nowhere fast.Activity is not the same as productivity. Map out your course, set your course and then set sail. But don't only busy yourself in the work of being busy with no results. It is easy to fool yourself and others into believing that you are achieving something when in actuality, you are only making movement. Just a short one to help some to understand that we should do all that we know to achieve and then to start achieving. Many
May 07, 2019
I was recently reminded that the opportunity, actually opportunities, that we have here at WA are truly a Godsend and that we should be taking advantage of them more. I should be taking advantage of them more. We all have talents and gifts, certain skills that we are good at and can become better at. So, here in WA, we are afforded the chance to build/hone and otherwise sharpen those skill sets. I have fallen to the wayside, so to speak. I have been sick, not sure I was ever properly diagnosed,
WA is a very well-structured and measured out in a way to teach us the methods and tactics of online marketing and successful blogging and promoting. What is hidden beneath the surface is the lessons that can only be learned in the everyday practical hands on. There are leaps and bounds that we make once we figure out the nuances and intricacies of how to juggle our existing schedule and job with the online business we are building within WA. I am still recovering and trying to get back on trac
February 24, 2019
So many of us have been programmed to think in a way that has kept us where we are in life. In order to transition into a different role, let's say a more independent role of working for yourself instead of someone else, we must be reprogrammed to function differently.How many times have you heard someone say, "I am a (FILL IN THE BLANK) person because that is what my dad/mom/family did,", or "I am being geared to take over the family business" This next one is a bit more sad, "This is all I kn
February 16, 2019
Life is a journey, not a destination. Not truer words have ever been spoken/typed/thought. It is true, life is about the journey, not the arrival. Things sometimes go sideways and we encounter unexpected obstacles along the way. It has been an interesting month and a half for Tina and I and we are still here and we are fighting to stay here. I still contend that WA is the best training and support that can be found for not only the website building and affiliate training, but for the every day
January 24, 2019
Do whatever it takes to stay alive, no plan 'B' to fall back on. It is do-or-die. NEVER GIVE UP!!! That's it folks, that is the big secret. You have the tools, you have the dream, the secret to success is to follow through and never, ever, ever give up. When you make a mistake, redo. If you fail, retry. After you fall, get back up. You really can do it, if you don't quit. Donald Trump filed bankruptcy at least twice, Einstein never graduated. Bill Gates quit Havard in his junior year. You will
January 11, 2019
Time and life has proven that I have a tendency to become nearsighted at times. I feel that I might just not be alone in this. I know that often times I get so focused on what is right in front of me that I forget to look at the long term, the distance. My farsightedness becomes nearly nonexistent. I want to continue to train myself, and to help others, to set back, rub my eyes and see the bigger picture. When things aren't going the way I want them to at the moment, I want to remind myself th