SWAG Update or How To Drink From Three Firehoses At Once


Part of the SWAG agenda calls for an update after 12 days. That being tomorrow, I thought I might finish at least ONE thing on time, and this may be it!

Being a "by the book" type, I'm not comfortable with skipping parts of the training, and that's creating problems for me.

I've heard that Kyle's requirements are set in stone, and falling behind is simply not acceptable. No one has said what the consequences might be. Perhaps being "kicked out" of SWAG completely.

If any SWAG members actually know if there might be penalties of any kind, and what those might be, I would sure like to know about them. There may be others in the same predicament I'm in.

When Kyle honored me with a selection as a SWAG member, I was pretty excited, even though I was only about halfway through the Certification training.

Affiliate Bootcamp, here I come!

SWAG Challenge? Let me at it!

Uh-Oh! All three at once? What have I done?

Information overload, perhaps? On top of three programs, I HAD TO finish partially completed posts for two websites because they were time-sensitive. Add a Wealthy Affiliate Review for SWAG, and............


So, here's the deal. I will work at this as fast and as hard as I possibly can. I'm investing 6-9 hours every day, 7 days a week. If it's possible to skip any of the lessons in either the Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp training, please tell me which I can jump past without causing problems for myself down the line.

In the meantime, my plan is simply to stay on the path and "keep on keepin' on."

I WILL complete everything that needs to be done. I will succeed. Failure is not an option. I do not ever give up.

Just like my best little buddy Dempsey, my now-deceased Jack Russell Terrier, someone will need to pry my jaws off my "prize"! I ain't lettin' go!

For those who have never been "blessed" with a Jack Russell, Dempsy had the exact same first name that all Jack Russell's have - No No Bad Dog!

To lighten the mood here, I need to tell all my fellow WA members this:

"I've been kicked out of better places than this before!"

To be serious for a moment, I don't expect anyone, including me, to be kicked out of SWAG for falling behind. Not as long as they're trying, and working hard. Only those who are not putting forth the effort need worry, in my humble opinion.

If anyone else here in the WA community is working hard, but having trouble keeping up because of everything that needs to be done, please speak up. Am I the only one? I hope not!

Get'er done!

I will:)


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Frank, the only thing important here is to just do what you can.
Some people are hares and some are tortises. The thing is, you are learning something, sometimes it takes time to process what you've just learned.
Many a time I have started on something, not knowing where I was going, and down the road things just "clicked" and you wonder why you didn't see this before. I call it "custard pie in the face" and I've worn my fair share.
Trust that you will retain what you've learned.
Good post by the way.
Cheers Jae ☺

Hello, Jae. I've been accused of joking all the time, and I may be guilty as sin! When I accepted the SWAG Challenge (and Challenge is a good description) I knew it would mean even more work than before. But I also knew I could handle it.
As I laid out my game plan, or "plan of attack", I set up three separate progress charts. The Certification course, Bootcamp, and SWAG. I had that idea pop into my head as I worked on first one, then another, then another of the tasks. There was a LOT of information to absorb. That's when it hit me, that it was like trying to drink from three firehoses all at the same time.
So I wrote a humorous post, but I also wanted anyone out there who might actually be feeling overwhelmed, that there are several of us in that same boat. It will be fine! I have no doubts whatsoever that we'll ALL get through it, and become successful.
I know YOU will!

Those images were cracking me up, Frank.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you fall behind, but this is a business. Your website isn't going anywhere, so just pick up where you left off, Frank.

Kiddo, I've never been overwhelmed in my entire life, and I'm not starting here! Lol I was trying to inject a little humor into all the tasks we need to complete. My main goal was to tell any WA members who actually were feeling overwhelmed that a lot of others are dealing with the same situation.
But, I have truly been moved by all the support I've received.
I'm enjoying this journey immensely, especially all the new things I'm learning. It's exciting!
Thank you!
P.S. You have a sweet smile!

I got a little behind in responding to comments, Frank, so I'm just reading this now.

"Never been overwhelmed in my entire life." WOW!!! I think I just found my new Life Coach!

Maybe I'm simply pragmatic about things, Veronica. I always do my best at anything I do. My Dad always told me "If it's worth doing at all, then it's worth doing right"
As long as I know I'm doing everything possible, I'm satisfied.
Too much Irish in me to ever quit. I've been told that I'm stubborn as a Missouri mule.
When things get tough, I just put my head down and keep on putting one foot in front of the other. What else, or what more, can a person do? You can only do as much as you can.
Feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind. I've never been willing to let anything or anybody get the best of me.
Did you see the movie "Braveheart'? I would NEVER have put my head on that block! Lol

Take it a little easy on yourself you can do this. I had a Boston Rat Terrier when I was younger she was great

I'm not beating myself up. I just exaggerate for emphasis. I just wanted to tell anyone out there that might be feeling overwhelmed that the tasks are a lot of work for all of us.
I work better when I'm under the gun! Lol

Ooo ok makes me feel way better. I think you are doing great

You are not the only struggling, that's for sure. Work though the best you can but try your hardest to meet the criteria.

I don't know what will happen if we fall behind, but I don't want to find out, so busting my behind to get it done.

I write a lot of "tongue-in-cheek" material, so don't worry too much. First of all, nothing is going to happen to anyone who is working hard at the program.
We'll be fine.

Hi Frank, like you, I don't feel right skipping anything. Call me old school, but I believe that learning has an order to it. Like crawl before you walk and walk before you run. As a former teacher, I tried to get my students to understand this. Learning affiliate marketing is no different than learning math. If you don't understand what you're doing today, tomorrow's lesson is going to be even harder. So I'm learning at a much slower rate than most, but as I learn, I understand. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon and I intend to make it all the way. I will however, get there. Thanks for the update, Frank. I understand about having trouble keeping up.


Thank you, Don. I have an advantage in being retired, and that gives me the freedom to invest more time in training. I just can't bring myself to skip lessons. I've learned as you have, that it will catch up to me eventually, and it will cost even more time and effort when that happens.
I'm really only joking about Kyle kicking anyone out of the program. He tried to pick the newcomers showing the most promise for the SWAG program. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Kyle in person, but he must be a pretty good businessman. It would make no sense of any kind to boot a promising candidate out of the program.
My motivation for posting that blog was to let anyone out there who was struggling to keep up that they weren't alone.
No one wants to feel that they are the one and only laggard in the class. I believe there are several of us trying to accomplish a great deal in a short time span.
I've already seen several newbies zip right through the courses (by skipping many of them, I'm sure) only to run into problems of their own creation, caused by what they hadn't taken the time to learn.
If done right, these classes and assignments take time. There's just no way around that.
You and I probably agree that if it's worth doing, then it's worth doing right. Otherwise, just don't do it.
Okay, it's time for me to climb down from this soapbox. I think my audience has fallen asleep anyway! Lol

I am not sure that you are required to have finished all of the training by the end of this first month. There are people at different stages in the training. Some had barely started.
His requirements were to do 12 posts one of which was a wealthy affiliate review. Blog post here, once a week. Join in with live chat for 15 minutes a day. Help out or engage with at least 5 members here every day. Research 50 keywords.
I don't remember anything else but I'm going back to check.
I'm doing okay but am struggling with Live chat.
With Grace and Gratitude

I haven't had helped too many on Live Chat because it seems they've either already gotten an answer, or I don't know the answer myself. I've written two posts here at WA, have 50 keywords, and have finished two posts. That means I'm only 10 behind! Lol
Today, I was up at 4am. I couldn't sleep, so I created my review template, created my review log in Google, then went back to training. I'm sure no one will be kicked out of anything. WA's business depends on keeping members, not driving them away.
I believe the 12 posts are for the entire 12 month program, not just the first month.
Karen, if our only failing is Live Chat, we should be forgiven. It seems most of the conversations there are just personal IM's. Do you agree?

Thanks Frank, nice update. I will do mine later!


SWAG was set up for those who wanted a challenge after already getting through the certification and boot camp training.

Make sure you are doing that first and then you can follow along with what Kyle posts each month.

This is for advanced training and does not replace the regular training.

Hope that helps, so just keep chugging along and give your best each day rather than trying to do things which feel rushed.


Thanks, Eric. I've been focusing on the training, which is why I'm struggling to keep up with SWAG. I think there are quite a few others in the same boat.
It'll be fine. I'll finish everything as quickly as possible, but I don't want to skip any training.

You need a long straw for three firehoses Frank!

just keep trying. I wish you the best of luck

Thanks, Jerry. I'll be fine. I thought it might be good to get it out there, because I believe there are several others struggling to meet "deadlines".

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