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Last Update: January 31, 2019

My definition of marketing

Marketing is the science of presenting the right opportunity to the right person at the right moment.

It doesn't matter what kind of marketing you're doing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, a little of everything... as a marketer your duty is to give people what they need when they want it.

The follow-up

Yesterday I wrote a post called "You're not here to make money!". Thought provoking, yeah, I know, I'm sure I also ruffled some feathers...

Today, I'd like to talk a bit about your value as a marketer.

As I mentioned yesterday, the first thing you should focus on is delivering value to your audience, but the most valuable asset you own is yourself.

After he made his first Billion, a reporter asked Henry Ford - "What would you do if you lost it all?" - he immediately answered that he'd build it all again, and much faster.

You see, once you've gone through the path once, you already know the way.

What does this mean? Your first priority should always be to educate yourself, learn, invest in your most valuable asset first, yourself.

Once you've offered your services for free, shared your knowledge and people are able to recognize it, don't be afraid of putting a value on it.

The first mistake new entrepreneurs make is trying to make money too soon, the second is not charging enough for their services, which means they don't value their services enough.

In order to offer the most amount of value to your audience, you need to charge enough, or you'll just be spreading yourself thin and not doing your best.

The value of a good marketer is immeasurable.

People are busy, they have no time to find what they need when they need it, and that's your job, find the person, their needs and problems and solve them.

Here are some examples:

Dan Kennedy charges $25.000 to write one sales letter.

Russell Brunson charges $25.000 to attend his 100 people yearly mastermind and $1 Million with $100.000 upfront to work 1on1 with a company.

Can you do it?

Absolutely. Dan Kennedy started competing with some of the biggest names in the industry of copywriting without an university degree.

So keep investing in yourself, never stop learning. And don't undervalue yourself either.

Have an amazing evening!

I apologize to some of you whom I haven't time to read your posts yet (you know who you are, my favorite reads), I've been extremely busy... but I'll come back to them. I wrote this post on my phone on a plane during the approach.

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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Francisco, I love it when you post something as it is always interesting to the point. You talked about ruffling some feathers and I think this is a good thing as it makes people take action. I wish all the best.
FranCallado Premium
Thank you very much for your comment Donnie. That's what keeps me posting. I enjoy ruffling feathers, hehe.

All the best to you too!
SnazzyIT Premium
Invaluable lessons, that I need to implement - I always undersell myself, in everything I did, and still do...thanks for the wake up!
FranCallado Premium
We all tend to do that, Snazzy. You're worthas much as you value yourself, don't sell yourself short. Thanks for your comment.
iyabillionai Premium
Give thanks many of us don't think about or realize the importance of self worth or self value in all things of life...
As always I appreciate your positive vibes. Blessings
FranCallado Premium
As always I appreciate your positive feedback, Iya.
nurselizstar Premium
Multitasking at its finest!! You're a multifaceted star (and I don't use that star lightly) with many dimensions. Take care of YOU! ❣
FranCallado Premium
Thank you Liz*. You know I know how you value the star, and your feedback.
Fleeky Premium
I like the .right' in your definition

Have a safe journey...
FranCallado Premium
Thank you for your comment Fleeky. It's the most important word in there.