You're not here to make money!

Last Update: January 29, 2019

You’re not here to make money!

You are here to perform a service to society, to your readers. And that service is called affiliate marketing. This is the business of recommendation, and it’s becoming increasingly important in our society.

People have tired of advertisement; our eyes have become blind to banners and huge signs… there’s no more ways to draw our attention… Even in our phones, we just scroll through as if it the ads weren't there…

And when we want or need something, we research, we ask our dear friend Google, who brings us the best of the blogosphere.

Enter YOU, the affiliate marketer, the blogger. You did your research, your due diligence, spent hours, sometimes days on it, and now you recommend a product or a service to the readers, you explain what it is, the benefits it provides.

Your reader trusts you. It has been shown that a buyer trusts a recommendation from a friend first, then a Google search, then come product reviews, etc.

This is you, my friend, you have a duty and responsibility towards your reader to provide an incredible value and answer all the questions in their mind.

Think about what Kyle teaches in his training, showing people what are scams, preventing them from wasting their money while looking for a way to make money online.

How many people have been saved from losing everything because of his training and those of you who followed it and offered this service? Even better, how many people have actually succeeded online due to your recommendation? Think about the value of this!

Yes, we should all be able to work from our homes, our laptops, and there are ways to make money, but money comes after, first we must provide a service.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar.

Will people ever understand the importance of what you do?

Probably not, but you should! You should respect your duty at all times.

Offer a good service to society and you shall be rewarded!

Go out there, have fun, and inform your readers to the best of your capacity.

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iyabillionai Premium
Truth is a great foundation, thanks for sharing...
FranCallado Premium
My pleasure. Thank you for your comment, Iya.
Eliz65 Premium
So true. Thanks for posting a great article. I agree building trust and value are so important!
Cheers, Eliza
FranCallado Premium
Thank you so much for your comment Eliza.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
I agree, Fran. I don't think we can ever over-deliver to our niche followers. Delivering value builds trust, increases referrals and visits. Ultimately, someone will then be comfortable enough to buy too. I always enjoy Zig Ziglar quotes. He was a very wise business man.

Thanks for a great post ! :)
FranCallado Premium
Thank you Colleen. Zig is a great source of inspiration, I've used this quote a lot, and don't tire of doing it. Hehe.

I appreciate your comment.
FKelso Premium
So very true, fact, I came to the realization recently that I am continuing to develop my site because I love to write. I try to offer value to readers by answering some need they might have in my niche, but so far have certainly not focused on the money.

Oh, I have products on my website, but no ads, and have been more interested in trying to get traffic so people would read my content. Eventually, I figure if they like the content enough they will buy something. But I'm not focusing on it.

Thanks for pointing out that we have an important duty to teach and to inform.
FranCallado Premium
I absolutely believe you will get rewarded by that, Fran. Value is rewarded. But don't undervalue your work either, I haven't seen your website, but I've become familiar with your work here and it is valuable. Don't forget that when the time comes that you have to turn that into a monetary reward.
Barley1 Premium
Thanks for the article. I agree with you Fran that we are here for a service to provide the best for our customers, but then again, we are for the money as well. Although money is or should not be our priority, it is very important to all of us.

I enjoyed reading your article and it is thought-provoking.

FranCallado Premium
Thanks Danny. I appreciate your feedback.
Barley1 Premium
Thanks, the customer does come first.