Last Update: March 22, 2016

Well this past weekend I was trolling through other web sites to get some ideas & download some free information on different marketing subjects. I found one site but I forgot the name but it had to do with affiliate marketing. They had some free information on finding domain names that you could buy & sell. So I downloaded the information called "Domain Industry Secrets". Once I downloaded it and read it I got the surprise of my life. Guess who it was written by? None other than own Kyle & Carson. It's an excellent read & has a lot of very beneficial information. I would recommend you guys read it if your interested into tapping into the very profitable billion dollar domain flipping industry. I want to thank Kyle & Carson for putting together that excellent bit of information.

Wishing everyone the best of success here at WA!

Thanks Kyle!

Thanks Carson!


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AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing Frank, amazing what we can come across.
GaryHelm Premium
Excellent !! Thank you Frank.
Mac01 Premium
Sounds like an awesome read!
Loes Premium
Interesting, do you have a link to it?
fmusiol Premium
Sorry forgot to tag the link. maybe we should ask Kyle or Carson.
Loes Premium
You can do that:)