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May 25, 2016
Of all the training that we do here at WA I think that a very important factor to each of our successes is that we find our own voice in the marketplace that makes us unique. For Kyle & Carson it would be what they developed here at WA to help others be successful in the online marketing world. Whether you listen to Kyle or even some of the marketing gurus that are out there, they essentially say the same thing. Work at finding your own unique voice in the market place. It's no by copying o
April 11, 2016
For some of the members that are new here they may not understand the true value of what we have here at Wealthy Affiliate. The resources, the training , the community, and other things. I've been been here for only a few months as a premium member and from what I have learned attending webinars and interacting with other groups and forums and hands down there's nothing that compares to what we have available here. What we as members get access to here for the few dollars of investment is price
March 22, 2016
Well this past weekend I was trolling through other web sites to get some ideas & download some free information on different marketing subjects. I found one site but I forgot the name but it had to do with affiliate marketing. They had some free information on finding domain names that you could buy & sell. So I downloaded the information called "Domain Industry Secrets". Once I downloaded it and read it I got the surprise of my life. Guess who it was written by? None other than own Ky
March 17, 2016
I just wanted to share one of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar that always makes me chuckle. It goes like this "I'm so optimistic that I'd go after Moby Dick with a row boat and take the tartar sauce with me!"Now that's optimism!Enjoy!Frank
March 07, 2016
For nthose os us who are having a tough time of thingsI want to share this with you. Enjoy!
So right now you're probably thinking " this guy must be nuts". Think about it! Everyday we actually setup & accomplish goals without even thinking about it, or even realizing that we are doing it. What you say! How? Everyday when we get up we start with a goal, an action plan, and result without even really thinking about it, but it's there. Simple example. You wake up in the morning, right? What's one of the first things most of us want in the morning once we wake up? A cup of freshly bre
February 04, 2016
So what do I mean? When we approach this concept of doing an online business like wealthy affiliate or any other program we need to be like a baby. Have you ever really watched a baby in action? They are fearless. They don't quit. They are persistent. That's the way we need to be in our approach as well. Too many give up at the first obstacle they hit. Why? Keep moving. Success will come over time. There's no such thing as instant gratification in this business or any other business or endeavor
January 31, 2016
Well this past week I ran my first paid advertising campaign on Face Book. It was for an Affiliate application. Although this was my first venture. I thought it turned out great. For a 2 day ad run i had a 139 click to website rate. That to me was great and I gained a lot of useful insight. Look forward to learning more from this.