What is your favorite Video Game?


Hey guys, just wanted to make this blog to get your personal feedback on what your favorite video game or game was or is currently. Did you personally love video games as a child? Do you still love them now? What is it about video games that is so addictive? How often do you like to play video games or any game really?

If for some reason you can't think of one, try to give your top 5 or top 10 list, that would be much appreciated. In my personal opinion, I think that everyone loves some sort of game no matter what that particular game maybe. Please let me know in the comments section below :)

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Mass Effect series
God of War series
COD Black Ops
The Last of Us
Unchartered 1+2
Angry Birds

.......in no order of importance. Each has it's own attraction.

Mass effect is definitely amazing, God of War is one of my all time favorites as well. I really wish that they made the series for the PS4 though. Skyrim is also highly addicting and real fun to play. Black Ops is pretty addictive as well, I loved the first one so much because of their Zombie Maps and Ground War is just amazing to play there, too bad the servers are practically empty now. I know that the servers for BO2 are pretty inhabited, but not as much as they used to be because of Advanced Warfare. The Last of Us is definitely one of my all time favorites too, I enjoyed playing it so much. Remastered edition is so great to play as well, the game is just so addictive. Uncharted is another really popular series, although, I didn't really like #3 so much, I hear that they are currently in development for a new one and can't wait to see what's in store. Angry Birds is definitely fun too, but it can be annoying like Flappy Birds. Thanks for sharing :)

You're welcome. Oops, I miss out Dragon Age Origins which is on my PC.....

1. Skyrim
2. Fallout series
3. Halo series
4. Mass Effect series
5. Pokemon
6. Kingdom Hearts

I like RPGs.:-)

I love Skyrim, one of the most addictive games out there. I hear that people literally spend tons of hours playing it :D Fallout is nice too, I liked playing New Vegas a lot actually, can't wait till they make a Fallout 4. Halo is also fantastic, except I don't like that it is an Xbox exclusive, feel like it could be a hit on the Playstation too. Gears of War and Titanfall should be added as well :) Mass effect is one of my all time favorites as well, the graphics kind of remind me of Dead Space. Pokemon is also a really fantastic series, although I have a lot of catching up to do with it, a little behind, and Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic series devised by Square Enix, I really hope that they come out with Kingdom Hearts 4 by the end of this year :) RPG's are amazing as well. Thanks for sharing :D

At 52 I still like to play play station 3. Great post

PS3 is an amazing platform :) I love it as well :D

Nintendo 63

Ok, well that is your favorite platform :) Nice I love the Nintendo 63 as well, one of the best all time classics :D

Yes . I love it . I still have it and still in good condition .

I am so embarrassed but I am still in the crossword puzzle days but I do love lumosity does that count and pinball love and this blog oh that dog looks a little scary heh heh also wanted to say hi know you are on chat and busy nite nite F

Hi :) I love crossword puzzles a ton, they are really healthy for the brain. Lumosity is also an effective program to use that uses the science of neuroplasticity, I love the information and fun activities that can be found there a lot :)

oh wow i do love lumosity and i have found in certain areas I am doing better. My memory has definitely improved. yes my crossword puzzles. I have been doing those since I was a kid, so have to say I am pretty good, nice to give yourself a pat on the old back. I havent' been doing them as much lately too, focused on WA lol:)

My preference is to answer the question you posed..."What is it about video games that is so addictive?"
Any game is a walk in the abstract. A time when we, as humans, can "let go" of our physical boundaries and walk in to another world. A world that we create within - and of - our essence.
It is a safe place: where we are the winners, the exuberant ones, the finishers. It is a place where we go to deal with life in our own way.

A place where we don't always win, but have the ability to do so...our aggression or repression, our wants and needs, our required solitude for a moment.
There is nothing wrong with a person being completely enveloped in the moment, it is a healthy place for all to go to...and allows each one of us to exercise thoughts that would otherwise be considered dark.

The balance of the mind is not one that conforms...but rather, one that considers and questions, that's what makes us human.

It is a simulated reality of oneself...and to take a moment to reflect... any question is the essence of reasoning, the inverse of objectivity, the basis of understanding. Therefore, it is not possible for any question to be irrelevant or unjustified...what if scenarios are entirely justified in the realm of a game.

Therefore, games are a healthy alternative to actions that one may be compelled to act upon in the real-world...this causes a state of well being whereby a person has the ability to use his/her cognition and emotional capabilities and allows one to function daily in our society without major impediments to one's well-being - or their day-to-day life.

Just introduce an emotionally impaired or loner to a video game and then stand-back and watch as they realize the potential of them-self.

Just my thoughts. Hope this helps you :)

Wow very insightful and intellectual information. You are right, it does create a virtual reality that makes even the most non social individual interactive. You had a ton of profound details here. "It is a simulated reality of oneself...and to take a moment to reflect... any question is the essence of reasoning, the inverse of objectivity, the basis of understanding." This statement was so true :D Thank you for commenting, you definitely had a lot of personal in depth knowledge that I found very creative. I have never heard someone describe video gaming in this manner before :)

Thank you for the thoughts. I have never played video games. I used to repair them for our customers in bars and arcades in Canada back in the early 80's. Just reminiscing, and my thoughts on why they still exist today and why they have such an important place in our society.
Glad I could enlighten you a bit.

Wow! Very well explained for someone who never played them and you are mainly correct in what you say. I used to develop, design and test video games for 25+ years and what you say is very true. Plus we also hide things in games that make people hungry to seek them out.

The EA Sports NHL Series and the GTA games. :D

So your into hockey I see :) I never actually gave it a try, but I am going to check it out. I love the GTA games as well, although they can be highly graphic at times, but the instances portrayed within the series are sometimes very hysterical to watch.

Ultima Online: T2A. I was in jr high/high school and this was an awesome MMO years before WoW released.

Oh, I've played T2A, I had no idea that you were a PC gamer, I also heard that a lot of the games developed by Nexon were extremely fun to play, I have played a handful of them myself. World of Warcraft was definitely another fun game as well, I remember when I watched an episode of south park about it, it was so hysterical. Thanks for sharing Anthony :)

Yea that episode is classic. I played Wow a ton too but this post made me think of UO when you asked for my favorite.

In my Teens "Defender":. Now, with my kids, "Call of Duty".
Distraction, time wasting are the main reasons :-) oh, and the kids.
Still enjoy them. Going to buy a Defenders machine from my WA proceeds. :-) At least I will be able to beat my kids at some game. (For a little while anyway)

Oh I love Defender, it was another arcade classic that I enjoyed a lot. Call of Duty is definitely a really awesome game to, my kids love playing it a ton as well. I actually have played it a couple of times myself, but I play at an intermediate level. Still learning how to play like an expert. Anyways, thanks for sharing, your comment was much appreciated :D

As a child and my age is clearly showing now we didn't have any video games, but I do recall often hanging out down town at my parents 'Space Invader Game Parlor' where we would play the old Pac Man game along with Pin Ball just to name afew and yet these games today are still very popular with the children. Our children enjoy playing good strategic games on Mario, Mind Craft or there are other great games online called Roblox with new technology they are now able to bluetooth their tablets and play with each other which they find to be so much fun. Good luck with your business ;) Cheers! Eth

Awesome, I enjoyed playing Pac Man a ton when I was a l younger as well, it was such a simple but highly addictive game :) Mine Craft is definitely unique as well, my daughter loves playing it with me :D Also, I am actually familiar with Roblox, it is definitely a wonderful piece of technology and a big innovation for gaming. Thanks for sharing :D

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