We are all Super Heroes and are all Super Affiliates within (SWAG) Month 2 Review

Last Update: April 07, 2018

We are all Super Heroes with our own unique powers (gifts) and we all have a Super Affiliate within us too.

If I was a Super Hero I would totally be Wonder Woman, how about you?

My 'Super Affiliate' powers or characteristics were challenged this month. I set off with a great confident start 'slam dunking' my planning with:

  • Keyword research
  • Blog title creation and
  • Blog content outlines but then....

I got lost in necessary administration and training for my paid work. I am very grateful to have the income I earn and to be able to provide for my son and I, however, I do also like to stretch myself with learning about:

  • affiliate and online marketing and business here,
  • keeping my fitness up and
  • taking time out to play ukulele and sail

So rather than beat myself up about what I didn't achieve, I am today celebrating what I did achieve:

  • Achieved the keyword research task
  • Created required blog titles
  • Broke down the articles
  • Wrote 4 blogs to my blog/WA website
  • Added imagery to the content (so LOVE the image library here at WA)
  • Distributed what little content I did publish throughout the month
  • I discovered I had WA credits I hadn't used yet - yipee! So I did you use them
  • I commented on other WA members posts through SiteContent
  • I received comments on my posts through SiteContent
  • actively on having comments on all my posts
  • incorporated affiliate links to my reviews
  • the days I was active here at WA I assisted other WA members
  • linked content posts to my reviews
  • Created 4 helpful posts here at WA throughout the month
  • Checked my sites speed performance and seeking assistance on that

I also:

  • Deleted about 400 post categories on my website that didn't make sense and reorganised the categories I do use
  • Created a blog writing timetable for me to follow for this next month
  • Realising that the blog writing skills I am honing here has helped me with fund grant writing in one of my paid roles
  • Reviewed and updated the automated emails from Mailchimp for when visitors subscribe to receive my free gift
  • Focused on my strengths and let go of what I didn't achieve this month - as today I begin Month 3's journey by taking action on some of what I didn't achieve last month

So, in summary, I am adopting a more 'no-nonsense' and 'action-taker' approach this month to my blog writing as I think it is a much more Wonder Woman attitude and move on to the new month with renewed energy and determination.

How has your past month of blogging been?

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CowboyJames Premium
Great job, you are doing super!

Finish your weekend with a flourish!
fleurallen Premium
Thanks - certainly will!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
You got some amazing things done.

Tried and true

fleurallen Premium
Yes it is valuable to reflect on what you have achieved rather than focusing on what you haven't done - today I've just improved my site's health and its speed too - yay!
QAVAVO Premium
What you have already achieved reveals you are a Superhero
fleurallen Premium
Thanking you!
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Wonder Woman! You are doing very well and have accomplished a lot. Your energy is very inspiring.

Wow.. 400 post categories and getting all that sorted is a lot of work. Great attitude, the 'no-nonsense' and 'action-taker'... I'm going to do that too... thanks!

I wish you much success in April.
fleurallen Premium
Hey Monica, nice, I'm glad you're joining me with this Wonder Woman attitude for April - wishing you every success also!
MKearns Premium
I'm in a stall for now Fleur while I line up posting details. Back it shortly!
fleurallen Premium
Great look forward to it Michael!