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LIVE YOUR DREAM!I would like to thank many of you that have supported me over the past 2 years here at WA. This was very much a part of my journey to achieving my version of the dream life.I successfully got myself the dream job working for a national charity here downunder in Australia. I am delighted I am working for such a meaning ful cause (empowering children, young people and their families) out of poverty - breaking the cycle of disadvantage.Blogging and learning here at WA was very much
Today I am reminding myself of the importance to Be Present. Particularly when unexpected change has happened in my world over the past week and all outside of my control.Although I either meditate or practice yoga daily, I am a tad annoyed at myself for letting my emotions get the better of me on occasion over this past week.As a mentor of mine says regularly, Feelings are not real.So going to the beach tonight to Be Present and in the moment and enjoy natures sunset.What do you do to remain m
You may or may not know, that over the past couple of years I have struggled with maintaining a consistent focus in my blog or blogs. Despite having mentored many entrepreneurs in business and assisting them to gain clarity for themselves. Sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees (is that how that saying goes?) for yourself.I have decided to focus on one blog, my personal blog for the niche audience of 40+ women wanting to generate wealth and profits through investment or business to
My Monday Motivation quote today has been inspired by rapidly recovering from feeling a tad unwell yesterday. Too much of the good life and not enough sleep is all. Feeling much better today now I've slept on and off for 12 hours!So am appreciating and expressing gratitude for my good health:"The more you praise and celebtate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate" Oprah Winfrey
Oops I’ve had a few months off to do the important things like enjoy the summer holidays down here in the southern hemisphere; move house and settle my son into a high school (today).So back to it feel free to share and comment on how your Monday is playing out:4 February 2019 Today’s Monday Motivation Quote is:“THE MORE YOU PRAISE AND CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE, THE MORE THERE IS IN LIFE TO CELEBRATE”OPRAH WINFREYLook in the mirror and say this quote yourself 3 times in a row.
January 26, 2019
Happy New Year! Can't believe it's been 3 months since I've blogged here... so what happened? Well it wasn't a conscious decision but I basically made great inroads to the goals I set in 2018 in those last couple of months!?! What were those goals? I've just checked today. They were:Returning to my ideal body shape and fitness levelA new home so my son and I can have pets andAttracting a new relationship, feeling optimistic after time has allowed the past to healHow did I go? Well I'm only very
Thank you I'm delighted this WA post resonated with so many of you. It certainly has inspired me to get cracking on my self imposed 100 blog challenge in 3 months. I have (I think ) 85 posts to go in 70something days...Here is showcasing many of the top bloggers today:What is your current blog challenge?
I've had a month off from my Monday Motivation quotes. What I have set for myself from this experience is I want to aspire to having a Virtual Assistant that can continue regular tasks such as this when I need to focus on other areas of life on occasion. So that is simply a revenue goal.This experience is an example of finding the silver lining in a potential cloud. It is all about our perceptions. How we perceive situations. I wrote a blog post on this saying this week. For those of you that k
Phew so it can be done... I've achieved 100 published posts through Site Content! That is encouraging although that is since April 2017 ish ... but I didn't know about Site Content for an age... Anyway, it is a positive step forward.In my 100 blog challenge. There are 72 days to go and I have 86 posts still to write... so definitely a challenge but still doable. Not sure what life will bring influencing if I'll achieve it or not but I am certainly giving it my best shot.What are you recent writ
I love giving quality comments through Site CommentsI am sitting here at my laptop ready to give more comments and there are no more comment requests for me to fulfill!Jump on over to Site Comments and put your requests in I'm ready to go! Earn them or pay for them but get on over there.How do you get there? Click on the LHS menu item Websites, then click into Site Comments, take the tour and get started. I'll see you in there :)