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Hi everyone I'm Adebayo Amos. I am very passionate and willing to learn from anyone irrespective of his or her background. I will be





What should I do after creating my first website?

What should I do after creating my first website?

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Website Development & Programming

So that I can be successfully indexed by Goggle

Continue with the training and do whatever Kyle sets as the next activity.

~Mark :)

Congratulations..​Do​ writing content you best.

First congrats on your website being indexed.
Now write keyword rich content posts to fill that website.

Tried and True


Keep writing the quality contents that are relevant to your website.

Write, write, write, and then write again

You keep adding posts/pages and eventually the search engines will crawl your site and index them and rank you according to that content.
Adding content is something you have to do on a regular basis.
Just having a few pages/posts will never be enough.
I for example have a thousand articles on one of my sites and the other two are not very far behind that.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Fill your website with content in form of pages and blogposts. I recommend you to stick to the training (Get Started Here or Affiliate Bootcamp).

Hi everyone, I received the invitation of eight membership ?

Hi everyone, I received the invitation of eight membership ?

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Getting Started

But checking my Credit dashboard I saw $5.What did you think happened to my account?

For a new member that completed his/her profile including an image you get
2 affiliate credits = 1 USD.

So from your data of 5 USD I would say that 5 out of 8 new members have completed their profile.

Nevertheless I do know that everything doesn't go fully automatically all the time or does get done automatically at set times, such as midnight in some timezone. My advice is, wait it off 24 hours at least to allow the system to update itself.

Are the 8-9 new members from the last 24 hours or spread over the past year?



you get credits when they add in there profile image.
~Debs :)

They have gone through the four steps required in setting their profile an I even commented on their goals

That normally means you earned credits for new members completing their profiles. Have you checked "My Referrals" to see how many members are in your referral area?


About nine members are there

Did your earn commission?

Not seen all my commission yet

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