You Can Never Have Enough Plug-Ins

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Priveet (greetings in Ukrainian) fellow entrepreneurs and world movers and shakers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. I worked security at the St. Jude Golf Tournament here in Memphis and got to work the last group (the leaders). Always a fun event to volunteer for and the girl-watching is top notch for America. Sorry guys but Ukraine is 1000x better. Now for the beef of my blog today.

In my 13 months here at Wealthy Affiliate (9 active), two of the biggest topics of discussion has been Site Speed and how many plug-ins are active on our websites. We have been taught in the training to only have five or our Site Speed will be affected.

Only five plug-ins? Absolutely no WAy! Almost laughable.

I have 23 and here they are:

* Denotes must have plug-ins if you ask me.

Ad Inserter

All in One SEO*

Classic Editor*

Cookie Notice*

Essential Content Types* (needed for my Personal Trainer Pro Theme)

Essential Widgets

Gallery and Widgets for Instagram

GDPR Cookie Consent*

Google XLM Sitemaps

Google Translate (can get by without since I have WPML)

Kraken Image Optimizer*

Lazy Load*

Meks Time Ago

Pretty Links*

To Top

Updraft Plus*

WooCommerce Multilingual*

WordFence (you can never have enough security)

WP GDPR Compliance*

WP Product Review Lite*


Yeloni Exit Pop-up

Yep, 22 plug-ins and my average Site Speed on desktop is in the high 90's. And mobile is a very respectable 91. So...................based on the above evidence. Drum roll please.

It does NOT matter how many plug-ins you have!!!

The most important factor in determining Site Speed with regard to plug-ins is that as long as your plug-ins "play well with others", total number is meaningless. You can have two or three plug-ins and if one doesn't play well with the other two, you have problems.

Always back up your site before adding any new plug-ins and check your Site Speed before AND after each installation.

There. I said it. And I proved it. Like Vicki said in her blog the other day about naysayers. Tell me you doubt me and I will prove you wrong. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So to all who doubt me being successful with what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.


My first 5 digit month coming soon.

Made a living, making a difference.

Ex-pat Mark

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Wow, that's great to know!! Thanks!!

thanks for this insight! How do you back up your site?

I use the Updraft Plus plug-in. Easy to use. Takes less than a minute to backup my sites.

Thanks for the great post Mark. :) Great to know. Really good news.

Lol, the 5 plus in rule is affecting my site health. I only have 9 nine but I know I’m going to need more, that rule is insane!

This is so great to know Mark- thank you my friend
I have always been so cautious when it comes to plugins due to site speed so I will move forward with more confidence now as long as they play well together :)
You rock

Thanks Mark, like your confidence. Based on experience no doubt...have a great week.

Very informative post Mark.


Thank you for posting/sharing this. I've been concerned about the plugins and how many I'm using. I've been adding, checking them out, and then removing plugins.

You have set my mind at ease about the plugins. Thank you.

I think 5 plugins is pretty rediculous too. I've got about 13 running.

Hi Mark, this is very interesting to me, as I try to get my mobile speeds up. Most of the time I have been cutting down on the plugins. This has not made much difference to mobile.

I do not see any of the plugins you have listed have any relation to side speed, except for three. I am re-thinking this whole aspect. Perhaps I should be adding not subtracting.

What about your theme, is it a paid or free theme.

Thank you for the share.

Best wishes,


Thought about you when I wrote this. I have the Personal Trainer Pro theme from Catch Themes. I think I paid $54 and I love it. Took me a month of searching but I think it was worth it.
I see you joined WebTalk on my referral. Thanks.


Hi Mark, thank you for additional info. I think my theme is slowing down my mobile speeds, it is a free one.

Most welcome on the web talk.


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