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We all write product reviews within our niches. And if you are truly an internationally recognized expert in your niche, are you taking advantage of that well-earned status? I do.I can call any CEO of any major health/fitness/nutrition product in any country and request a free sample and in return I will write an expert's honest review for them. And with my training here at Wealthy Affiliate probably get them on the first page of Google. They have warehouses full of the product and can alwa
The reason I am at Wealthy Affiliate is that I wanted to take my very successful Personal Training and Nutritionist business online. By doing so, I can take on many, many more clients AND it allows me to work from anywhere in the world. Absolute Freedom: the ability to do whatever, whenever, WHEREVER, and with whomever I choose, and nobody or nothing can change that, but me.I realized Wealthy Affiliate was the platform to give me that Absolute Freedom. After being active for 13 months, tha
Christmas in Ukraine, So, did the hustle and bustle of Christmas wear you down? Need to take a few days to recuperate? No time for that in Ukraine! We still have 17 days of celebrating to do!Beginning 2017, Ukrainian Christmas festivities start on Christmas Eve, which is celebrated on December 24th following the Gregorian calendar in official use in the Western Christian communities of Ukraine. The Christmas celebrations end on January 19, the date of "Jordan" or Epiphany in the Julian calen
December 31, 2019
And here is breaking news from my old hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, USA.Someone actually asked me today how I could move to a communist country. That country being Ukraine. I told him to read a book, turn off the tv, put down your phone, and do not listen to the Western media. They still don't know who won the 2016 Presidential election.Ukraine has been independent since 1992. Memphis is home of the Dumb and Dumberer.Google "literacy rates by country" and you will see Ukraine has a 100%
I DID IT !!!!!Well it came down to December 27 but I made it!I accomplished all of my goals I set for 2019 and then some.Twelve Ben Franklins in one day was the driving force and inspiration..Since I never did any writing/blogging before joining WA other than fitness techie type stuff, I knew that was one of my weaknesses. So, one of my goals was to improve my blogging skills and to get into the #1 position of "Today's Top 10 Posts". As of Christmas Eve I never got any higher than third.While
Well the flood gates are open and time to get to work on a 5-figure January. Twelve new clients in six hours on my Certified Nutritionist website. 12 x $100 down = a $1200 day!That $100 deposit just assures them an assessment and one hour online with me to go over pricing. I always recommend at least 3 months or I tell them to look elsewhere. Nobody can change their way of eating in one month. It involves a commitment to a lifestyle change.And the great thing about working online is this wi
Merry Christmas to everyone and cheers to a Prosperous New Year for all of us.Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for a lovely 70 degree day.The grill is loaded with rack of lamb, shrimp kabobs and some pork ribs to add to the excitement. Hot fudge cake with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert too.We all are wearing shorts and enjoying a nice frosty beverage and a Cuban cigar compliments of my friend Fidel in Cuba. Throw in a little horseshoes and just a typical Christmas for me.I hope ever
Santa IS real when it comes to being naughty or nice in your work ethic at Wealthy Affiliate.If you have been a good boy/girl and followed the training, focused, and put in the hard work required to be successful in any field, you will have lots of presents under your Christmas tree.Maybe not tonight because you are new and just found this amazing platform. But future visits from WA Santa is up to you. Nobody else. YOU. If you have been naughty and just think that MMO success comes easily wit
We hear this question so often in today's "I WANT IT NOW" society.We hear it from new members here at Wealthy Affiliate every day.Since the first of June this year, I have welcomed every single new Premium member.So hopefully anyone joining since then will see this post and get their answer.Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. No such thing exists. Any guru, expert, or fly-by-night millionaire promoting such, is a liar and a con man. Do not fall for such shenanigans!Such snake
December 12, 2019
It took me 2 months when I first started at Wealthy Affiliate to write my About Me.Don't laugh, it was my first blog.And my best.So, I am quite proud of hitting the 50th blog mark. I just figured with 3 long vacations in the last 18 months and a major move, that I have been active for one year on this platform!!!!So, when my energy levels get back to normal (some would say abnormal), I will write my 52nd blog about one year at Wealthy Affiliate. It has been so much fun meeting you all and act