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Last Update: October 14, 2015

Site comment is one of the best feature in WA and you can feel a true support from the community by using this feature. It enables us to receive comments from other member in our website in exchange of offering comments to other WA members too.

Just in case anyone here don't know about this feature, you can get access to it by clicking the blue Site Rubix button in the left sidebar and choose Site Comment; or simply clicking here:

Here is a few links that you may want to know about Site Comment Feature (credit to blog owner):

1. The difference of Site Comment and Site Feedback:

2. The Do's and Don't's of using Site Comment feature:

After using it several times, I have suggestions to improve it (hopefully):

1. When people give low quality comments, or worse, give site feedback instead of comment , we can choose to disapprove it and get back our precious comment credits. The person whose comment get disapproved should have their comment credit reduced too (allowing negative credit amount.

Also, if we choose to disapprove to disapprove the comment, we must give the explanation why we disapprove that comment. In this way, people will have more willingness to improve their comment quality.

You may want to read my blog here about a low quality comment I receive from other member:

2. When requesting comment, give an extra option of Language of the site. Some of us may build a website dedicated to local business, or maybe targeting their own country. With the language option, we can ask comments from people who know the language of the website. This will be helpful to build reputation for the local business website.

3. I'm experiencing higher bounce rate when using this feature. Probably because some of the member are just skim-read the post, give so-so comment, and close the page. It will be nice if this feature can force the commenter to hold the website open for at least more than 1 minute. If not, a prompt reminder below the comment box (asking commenter to write the post carefully and if possible, open 'About me' page or other post) is enough.

There are some suggestions related to the bounce rate problem here (credit to the blog owner):

Feel free to give another comment about these suggestions of mine. Does anyone here know where to send a suggestion to Kyle (or should I PM here directly?)

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justeileen Premium
Really great post! Very helpful. :)
Everlight Premium
Thanks Eileen :)
justeileen Premium
Very welcome! :)
Kyle Premium Plus
All excellent suggestions and ones we will take into consideration with future updates. Thanks a lot. :)
Everlight Premium
Thanks Kyle to give some considerations :)
ConeyM Premium
A super blog...very helpful especially to a newbie like me...valuable info.
Everlight Premium
Thx coney :) Glad to fint it useful.
mijareze Premium
Suggestion #2 yes. I say no to the other options. That's my opinion!
Everlight Premium
Thx Mija for the feedback :)
ladyluck2013 Premium Plus
Hi Everlight,
I like your suggestions. However, regarding suggestion #1 with the idea of deducting credits from those who give site feedback instead of a site comment, I don't think they should be "punished" for it. I think it is done unintentionally for the most part. Deducting credits may discourage some members from using the feature.

Suggestion #2: Great idea. I get frustrated when I cannot comment on a post because it is written another language. I'm sure this must be also frustrating to these site owners because they probably cannot get as many comments on their posts.

Suggestion #3: I don't know if I should be forced to look at someone's site for a minute in the hopes to make me comment on a post. I think people opt not to comment on a post because either they are not interested in the topic, or they don't understand the topic. To me, no comment is better than a poor comment.
By all means, you should PM Kyle or Carson directly; you will probably get a quicker response. Hope this helps,
Everlight Premium
Hi Deidre,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Punishment is just one alternative to solve this. There may be other softer point though, like creating a small popup above comment box about what is the difference between site comment and site feedback. So, other members can at least know a bit what should and what should not to write in the comment.

Ah, I relieve there is other that have the same feeling with me regarding the foreign language :) I hope this feature can be implemented someday.

About the last point, yes it is just an alternative. I think a softer way is to give a small popup below comment box about we should care about other people's site performance. For example, try to read other post too o maybe look at the owner's profile.

Good idea about direct PM to Kyle. I will wait now to see if there are other feedbacks or additional suggestions first :)

Thanks Deidre.