Site Comments affecting bounce rate?

Last Update: August 30, 2015

Recently, I noticed an increase of my site bounce rate after submitting many requests for comments.

I was wondering if Site Comment system has caused the bounce rate increase because:

1. Members clicked to view your site but not ready to give comment due to unfamiliarity of the site contents and decided to move on to the next site. (I did this myself too)

2. Members clicked to view the site, move back to WA to write a comment and then close the web page.

A probable solution to this.

When I am viewing a site for comment nowadays, I will read the About me page first. In this way,

1. I could know the owner of the site better, know his/her name and reasons of setting up the website, so I could write a better comment related to the owner.

2. Prevent the owner's site having high bounce rate.

Love to hear what you think.


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JSakanee Premium
Yeah man. It's crazy. My bounce rate is at 95% for referral traffic. And the only referral traffic I get is from WA.
edtay78 Premium
Yes, Julian. Hopefully, this post can reach out to many. If everyone can view a few more pages within the site before commenting will definitely help improve the bounce rate of other's site.
mijareze Premium
It just happened to me. I just finished writing comments on Kyle #1 and it wouldn't take it because I didn't have a gravatar. So I made one came back and it was gone.
Next, i started another one, needed to go back in and when I pushed the key to get out I lost that one as well. I just now finished 2 others so I can get comments on my new page.
edtay78 Premium
Thanks for sharing Ed. Glitches like these can cause bounce rate to increase too.
Martstervt Premium
Good understanding of the system. Some say why go for rank?

With rank comes follows,more response to your questions,and a better quality of participation.

edtay78 Premium
Thanks Marty!
timsproducts Premium
Absolutely brilliant True pay it forward attitude we all need to do this !!
edtay78 Premium
Thanks Tim!
kunalbhadana Premium
Nice Ideas Edmund, visiting different section on a website will also show search engines that people also visit other sections of website after visiting 1 page and may increase site trust and rankings in long term
edtay78 Premium
Thanks Kunal! Noted!