All About First Month and An Unanswered Question

Last Update: October 10, 2015

So, finally I'm having a feel to write a blog here at WA. I don't really know what to write as my first blog but decide to just jot down what is my progress at the first month anyway :)

So here goes nothing:

1. I managed to get into Course 2 lesson 7 for Online Entrepeneurship, but sometime I jumped to further lessons because informations that I searched are explained in the next sessions.

2. I do admit that I asked questions so many in comments, other's blog, trainings, or even live chat. Some of the answers are lying in the course 3 or up, so it make me 'skipped' some lessons. I didn't check the task box to keep my true progress, which is now Course 2 lesson 7.

3. I've created my first website! Wow what a feeling! It was created at Sep 20th, but the first post is made public at Sep 30th. So, that make this website a 10 days old since it went public.

My first website have a niche in personal development. Instead of using 'personal development & motivation theories', I mostly used real case examples or insights. If anyone interested, please check it here:

4. I am not generating money yet, which I assume alright because of the web's 10 days old :)

5. I'm using the four main social medias to promote my website: FB, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest. What surprised me is how fast the growth of my followers at Twitter.

I didn't use any paid ad at Twitter, but my followers increased every day. There is always one or two people that retweet my tweet each day and it make me happy :) Within less than 10 days, my current followers is at 78 people.

I think I will blog about how I promoting my Twitter account in future days, but I need more time to figure if this really works or not.

I really happy in this community and never regret anything since joined last month. One feature I really like is the Site Comment. It really helps my site to be 'alive' with engaging comments.

However, I feel there is a drawback that annoyed me a bit. A moment ago, I receive site comment that is far away from what you say 'quality comment'. The comment comprised of 3 sentence. One short sentence is just a general compliment (that you can do without reading the content thoroughly) and two other sentences are about site Feedback, not a comment.

I'm open with feedbacks but comment is not the place, especially if you are also a WA member. If I request three comments and all of them have similar comment like I mentioned before, I believe it will make 'organic' readers confused why the previous commenters always give general compliment (without actual engagement) and site feedback only.

This is truly a waste of 2 comment credits and I hope if I disapprove the 'low-quality' comment, I can get back my 2 credit again. Is anyone here know what will happen if I disapprove comment in the site comment feature?

<<Additional Note>>

Also, thanks to @JohnyCWS and @Ginax at live chat a few days ago, I found that Mailpoet Plugin is indeed a good plugin for building maiing list if your web is still new and don't have that much subscribers (and you want to have it free).

The Mailpoet plugin allows automation newsletter and you can customize the newsletter with several free themes from Mailpoet. This is a good alternative before switching to third party service like Mailchimp, Aweber, or GetResponse, because it allows free use up to 2,000 subscribers and has the automation in the free version.

I don't recommend Mailchimp because it prohibit Affiliate Marketing and any 'Earn-money-online' in their Term Of Service. When my subscribers are growing enough, I will switch to Aweber :)

This is to answer my question which was posted here:

There, finished my first blog. Whew :) And, thanks for everyone that helps me with my questions.

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TinaB Premium
This is a really good blog and it was very helpful when you shared the name of plugin you use for building a mailing list. You also explained why you don't favor Mail Chimp. This gives people head's up so they won't sign up by mistake, not knowing about prohibition of affiliiate marketing.

I checked out your website and it is very impressive. You did a lot of work in short time. What is the exact name of WordPress theme you''re using? I'd like to learn more about it.

Keep up the good job. Thanks.

Everlight Premium
Hi Tina, Thank for visiting my website :) I'm using Songwriter Theme. It is a free theme and easy to customize. You can ask the developer for a bit of customization. He is very helpful.

Wish you the best success :)
TinaB Premium
Thanks for providing the name of theme. Glad to know it's easy to customize it. Have a good day. :)
Everlight Premium
Yes you're welcome Tina. Have a good day too :)
KristieR Premium
Great job on your progress! I had the same problem with a comment that repeated the same phrase over and over. It is frustrating that I invested my time to constructively comment. I followed the rules. They did not. It irks me that this can get through to and I lose comments. I wish we could send comments like that to a real person so they could read how bad it was, and we could get our credits back. I don't mind investing time in someone else, but would others only care about themselves and don't take it seriously, it is frustrating.
Everlight Premium
Yes thank you ! I hope there will be an update to comment system that if the web owner disapprove the comment because of the low quality comment, we can get back our credit and the commenter's credit should be deducted by 1 (allowing negative comment credit).

For now maybe I will alter the bad quality comment somehow so it will look like a neutral comment :)
KristieR Premium
Mine was so bad, I just deleted it. Very frustrating.
Everlight Premium
Yes I think if it really really bad than we should just delete and pretend it never exist in our web :)