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Last Update: September 15, 2013

Coming here to WA, and getting a lot of information, it's been great learning so many marketing strategies, attaching my websites to the server here. Yet, it is always nice to know you can make an extra bucks here and there.

So, today, I'd thought I'd talk to you all about Swagbucks. Whatabucks? Swagbucks. It's here where you can earn credits, and when you get 500 of them, you get a real $5 giftcard towards a lot of places you know like Amazon and Walmart. And it's not that hard. You can watch videos, participate in surveys. Personally, that takes too much of my time, so I like to participate in trying things out--and a lot of times you come out ahead!

For example, this movie streaming place M-GO gives you 500 swagbucks for trying their movie place out. And it only cost $.99 for that movie. My wife and I watched "The Great Gatsby" the other night, and although I had to run it through Firefox, it was decent, and remember:

It just came out! It's not a 6 month old film! Pretty cool. So, in essense, I came out $4 ahead!

Now, not every single event/product you purchase you come out ahead, or even, but it's another way of getting credits towards giftcards--things that you would normally purchase anyway!

It's worth checking out! I have made(Gross wise) over 14500 swagbucks! Which amounts to in real USD about $145! Not too bad for trying products, doing surveys, watching little movies--It won't pay your bills, but it may help you buy some more things you need at your local walmart or target!

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choppydo Premium
I`ll be real here. Swagbucks is a waste of time. For the amount of hours you put in, you could make easily 20x more working for minimum wage. Actually my WA site has a review of swagbucks:
Rebbak Premium
It goes back to the idea that it is not a get rich scheme. I have been doing Swagbucks for over 2 1/2 years as part of multiple streams of income concept. I have only been doing the searching with their toolbar to gain the points as the other methods takes a lot of time. Searching is what I do anyway. I redeem for Amazon gift cards to stack on account balance. They never expire until used. When I have a decent amount, it is easy to catch the Amazon deals, especially on cases of paper goods, that reduces my household out of pocket costs. It may not look like a lot, but over time it reduces household costs and makes it more affordable to live. I personally recommend Swagbucks for that purpose. If you are looking to make a lot of money or get rich, it is not for you.
ericrk7 Premium
That's OK, choppydo, I don't do all of the survey's. Just letting people know of another way of getting giftcards by easy ways of means. ---I surely won't endorse doing the survey's, all of them, anyway--I'm worth more, and you're worth more than 5 cents an hour.---But I have found it's a real easy way to make money, per se' in gift cards towards things you would have boughten anyway at Amazon or Walmart.

That's my 2 swagbucks. Take it or leave it.
coolcity Premium
I'm with choppy do, it's one of those things that will make you a little bit over time but there are far more things you can do with your time that will make you money. And collecting points always sounds like a good incentive but shop around and in many cases you will find you could have bought the stuff cheaper elsewhere.

I accept that using the search bar is free cash but it's not going to be enough to make any significant difference to your life. Nectar have one in the UK, I can't even be bothered with it.

I have made decent money through some of the cashback sites by spotting bargains and decent cashback offers for stuff I can buy and resell on ebay, and it's how I will pay my bills while I get my internet marketing act together (doesn't buying something for 5 bucks and reselling it for 10 sound like a better way to spend your time?)

But the worry for me, with all due respect to the contributors of this thread, is if people are thinking of these sort of things to make/save a bit of money then they have the wrong mentality for being successful in internet marketing. I'm not saying it isn't worth utilising some of this stuff in your spare time but it's easy to get too wrapped up in it and lose focus. Use the time to do something more productive that will benefit you later on.
Rebbak Premium
I agree with you coolcity in the respect of where someone puts their focus. I tried focusing on these types of things to make money, but ended up spending a tremendous amount of time for very little. I still use Swag Bucks for the searches I do anyway to take advantage of the benefit over time.
MargaretY Premium
Thanks for this blog, Eric. I did check this out, but it doesn't work here in Kuala Lumpur. Good information though for those who are based in its captured areas.
Freedomseekr Premium
Yes, Swagbucks is definitely worth checking out. I joined it over a year ago, and it does work, but it takes some time to add up enough Swagbuck points to redeem for gift cards. It's a nice way to buy something you've been wanting without really spending any money. Plus, there's a lot of ways to earn points like you mentioned above and you do get points for using the search bar there for whatever you normally would be searching and it is through Google I believe.
You can also use their shop and earn to buy products through the stores you normally buy from already. Just have to look and see if the store is listed there, which I must say is quite a large list. I've done that and earned quite a bit of points, which is pretty cool since I was going to buy from those stores anyway, plus I got swagbuck points on top of it. Just don't go crazy buying stuff you don't really need/want just to get points though, lol.
letsdance712 Premium
Thanks for sharing...I think I've heard of swagbucks a while back. Easy way to make a little extra income.
ericrk7 Premium
swagbucks.com/refer/ericrk is where you can go to get set up. Sorry. I forgot. If you already know of it, I'm glad you found another source of income that comes pretty easy!